COLORKINGDOM vs Christendom’s Harlot Whoredom!!+Africa Ancient Egypt KEMET=MAAT Madame Matriarch Mythic Love Goddess+real HARAMBEE Kenya artworking together To Love Thy Self=We The Public People Power Plan+Positive Protests!!!


YES, Our SOLAR SEXUS SOUL SAVIOR SERVER, has thus saved and redeemed all those who purposely and meaningfully learned to appreciate the beautifully built bridge by which to Passover; politely in crossing to the other side to safe secure sanity of humanity.

“How the Jesus Myth was created: First of all, you have to realize that Jesus was a composite of different entities and the name was chosen several hundred years later at the Council of Nicea, wherein the entity Constantine ordered the various religious sects to come together and create a single religion for Rome, a Universal religion that incorporated all of the aspects of the various religions, so that all could accept and subscribe to it.”

LUSTFULLY LOVING: Letting go of the falsified beliefs and fictitious man person being “God”; inclusively the Priestly Popes manufactured mythic male “sweet Jesus“ who never truly existed on planet earth. (nor black or white)!! And, leaving behind us this wrongful Western European Caucasoid Caucasian image of HORUS THE CHRIST!! The Truth & Love Life Light Locks of our GlobalWorldNations!!!

Welcomed & Kindly Invited Aboard COLORKINDOMISM: Are each and every-body belonging to our New World HUE-MAIN RACE. Expressly appreciated are former XXX porn Super Stars who want to willingly make their ultimate Transition-Transformation-Transfiguration!!!

Likewise, the fine fit feminine females who have consciously decided that their human body parts are being worn out, broken down into worthlessness. And she has discovered in her own slow, patient paced way, that to continue in allowing others misuse and or abuse their womanly physical flesh, is no longer worth it. No material matter how much merchant money is offered upfront for pay or Harlot hire; so that others, esp. males can make multimillions of dollars in profitable capital gains. They have simply paid out only a small percentage of their net or gross perversion profits.

RockOffense+StoneDefense True MAAT+HARAMBEE Africa Kenya Coat of Arms = National Emblem +Ancient Africa Ancestral Authority AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD+Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts = WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER+ Positive Protests!!! pt1

Yes, however, pointing the evil finger not at these religious racketeers and sexually perverted pastor-preacher profiteers alone.  Because there’s no valuable time to waste assessing and setting faulty blame at this juncture. Period. So then y’all comprehend completely, that our opportunity is Sublimely Inspired + Divinely In-Spirited. And certainly is a well conceived, spiritualized SHIFT + CROSSOVER!! Read the poetic version of ChistLikelyen vs Christian:


The White Western European-EurAsian – Cauc-Asian versions of Christianity, are those most assuredly of the artistic portrait face images of Lucifer Satan The Hateful Devil. And Christendom over all is an invidious-insidious institution of Non-Spiritual-Souless-Sexist-Racist White Supremacist State, Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndrome, of a Superpower Sinister Serpent!

THE DEVILS & DEMONS DOMINATION: Notoriously known worldwide renown for its bloody impositions; “The Inquisition” mass murdering Crusades of hatemongering and warmongering genocidal invasions and occupations of indigenous native inhabitants land. Raping, robbing, plundering people of dark melanin skin colorations globally.

Enslaving million of Negroid Africans in its satanic wakes of wickedness. Also these blatantly bad bio-genotype traits, took into servitude and white slavery capturing all those resisting, decent-good bio-genetic traits of the “Great White Hope Abolitionist Minded men and woman of their own racial-ethnic-cultural groups. Burning most at the stake as heretics, sorcerers practicing witchcraft, entrapping them using two-faced back stabbing snitches and sellout stooges to carry on these demonic lynchings-hangings, torment and torture!

Thus as “savage beasts” ”barbarians”; psychopaths and sociopath mutants, killing innocent human beings wheresoever, they freely ventured to roam. Running wild wild west wicked and WRONG!

The-VegePlanTerRain-VegeLeoAugustan-AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascendant Ancient Africa Egypt=KEMET = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts = True MAAT + HARAMBEE Africa Kenya Coat of Arms!!!

There’s a flagrant pattern and widespread pattern of reckless indifference and negligent disregards toward other lives, including wild animals. And of using violent deadly force of coercive power to make tribal-families-citizens confess-devilishly profess, bow down and humbly worship their concocted “sweet Jesus”; alleged Lord & Savior & fabricated “God”!!!

YES: After successfully crossing and shifting over to being a ChristLikelyen vs. being a Christian, you can then tell all others who challenge you that they accordingly: You have your Religion and I have my RealiVision!! The poem version:

Arch Antagonist Angel Adversary AMBITION: The excessive Ego Energy Entity that falsified their mad man made up CreatorGod”. One that is egotistical, revengeful, jealous-envious of everybody who disbelieves in His madness and mass murders!!

SOONER THAN LATER: Multitudes of millions of mad people, particularly misled and led astray hopeful and faithful Christian citizens, are going to be the very ones who “Persecute” false Christians. They are destined to become extremely violent and ill-tempered, feriously angry, due to the hatred induced deep down inside of them through worshipping a hateful “Godcoupled with professing a completely never existing supposed to be “Jesus” THE CHRIST!!!

These religious teachings and preaching justified and rectified the Old & New Testament so call Holy Bible’s genocides and homicides. Thus sanctioned and sanctified slavery, sexism and racism and egoism!!!

Dooms Day Gloom: A great falling away is inevitable as WE’s & US’s reveal the total told truth to The People’s Public Domain. And no rational reason to doubt, I AM THE ORIGINAL CREATIVE ArtistCHD CHRIST + HORUSHEART +DIVINITY.

Boldly brave, starting the fiery flames of the bottonless pit of brimstone’s center carbon core. And solemnly setting up some serious issues and tissues, plans to light afire from potently passionate burning desires; all manner of Heavens Hades Hell Fires!!!

MAAT Africa Egypt+HARAMBEE-Kenya Interracial Dating+ Mix Mingle Mate Marry MultiplexRacialBody Current Cultural Color Complexions Bio-Genetic RNA-DNA-CODES!!!

Christianity And World Conquest – Part 1: Dr. Ray Hagins

The Subliminal Seduction of Holiday Celebrations, Part 1 – Dr Ray Hagins


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The Original Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
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