ChristLikelyen vs Christian = COLOR KINGDOM NWCA’s ColorComplexTrix + The Afrindian Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How



COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts

INFIFERENCE-APATHY & COMPLACENCY: In the face of the Media’s mass murders, manufactured myths, man made mean madness = MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses”!! + Pathogens + PSYCHOGON!!!

YES Look & See Visually & Spiritually with your own eye of wisdom: Because it is the so called citizens of societies worldwide who are permitting, or allowing their governmental elected-appointed officials ruin and destroy wholesome and healthy life art forms here upon planetary sphere earth.

SEE SPIRITIOUSLY ‘n Full Focus: Therefore it is the overall and in general aggregate citizenry that as a mandated must be made to suffer the Divinely Decreedani-shakycam-colorking.gif damned dire consequences, for their lack of taking caring cause of action. For refusing to assume responsibility and accountability for their personal and individual and collective body of shortcomings. As the multitudes decided to be and remain unwisely patriotic to the polluted poisons of publicized political propaganda!

Therefore this Sublimely Inspirited commissioned calling cause of action is to activate the dormant underground grassroots seeds of potentially progressive positive productive possibilities!? 

And intelligently initiate our SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT; Cleaning up our own cheap shot trash-underhanded filthy, racist religious political acts and devilish dirty deeds for self-empowered improvement!!!

And this citizens crop cultivation; which is a decontaminating-cleansing calling causes of current circustances. And can only be done and accomplished successfully by We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Population Protests!!!

SHIFT CURRENCIES = Causing Cataclysmic Catastrophic Climatic Changes!!! Courageously concentrating contemplated contentions, in a refocusing frame of references. I’m talking about a meditated-mediated mindset!

This means moving money made, from one place to another location. Expressly removing the communities current capital cash currency; creatively causing them to shift over into another place. And installed and restored inside non-religious, non-political positions. And of self-empowering We The Public People Power Plan + Positive Population Protests.

I’m happy and not unhappy and not sorry to say, that monetary financial funding, economic entity energies, are to be cordially contained within the communities of vitalized interests.

Likewise by this very same token, religious political beliefs broken, because of the self-sustaining words of wealthy wisdom spoken. Absolutely no more meaningless giving our hard earned money to these thieving Churches, Cathedrals, Chapels; of the crazy criminal Christianity of the inhumanity insanity. And this artfully applies to the alleged Nation of Islam-Black Muslims = Mosques-Temples-Tents. These are the two terrorist twins!! 

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts = Our 21st century CyberSpaceAge talented treasure trunk trust vault. Shifted safe security sacred secret = SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM = ALL MIGHTY  DIVINE GRACE!!!

Congenially Channeling, community capital cash currencies, culturally clean, with a crystal clear calling cause of action. The gifted genesis genius, in this beginning of CREATIVE EVOLUTION  + EVOLUTIONARY CREATION!!

Redirect Economics: The perfected time to start charging Churches for being built inside certain school zones; and too close to affordable housing developments. due to their perverted versions of Eurocentric or Afrocentric Theologies. Both are bogusly bias and blatantly bigoted!!

PARASITIC PESTILENCE: Hideously Hostile Hateful Heathens, gang-banging youths, grown-up gangsters, running wild in the city streets of  the urbanized neighborhoods … are no better than false Christians and vice vera!

YES: In this today’s beginning is of the courageous challenging circumstances, consciously created, to de-Christianize by inverting it into being ChristLikelyenized.  

INSECTICIDES against “MENTICIDES”: And at the exact some-simultaneous time, to de-Islamite Muslim-mites, spider-mites, being the termites as parasites! Formulating the wicked witchcraft webs around the African Families here in the United States of America and overseas in LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!! 

Seeing how they are infecting and infeasting our infrastructures growth, developmental delight and restricting our internal wholesome health.Blood suck leeches, vampire bats, scorpions, slick slimy snail slugs as terrifying terrorist thugs!

REVERSE RACIALIST RELIGIONS: The gifted genesis geniuses gallantly going forwarIn this today’s beginning of the courageous challenging circumstances, consciously created, to de-Christianize and to de-Islamite Muslim-mites, spider-mites, being the termites as parasites! Seeing how they are infecting and infecting our infrastructural growth, development delight and restricting our internal wholesome health. Blood suck leeches, vampire bats, scorpions, slimmy snail slugs as terrifying thugs!ds, marching on to the highest achievement successes. Refusing to stopped or deterred or obstructed by enemy entity energies, Angry Anglo-America Al’Qaeda & Islamic Muslim Arab Al Qaeda, antagonist arch angels = Adversarial Agent ALLIENS!!!

Smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy healthy good sense of holistic humane healing humor…yawls.

SOLAR SEXUS SOULFOOD’S FunkySoulSongSeason: Spraying these invidious-insidious insects with insecticides to terminate, eliminate and exterminate INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM!!

First and Foremost, might we may dutifully NOTE: That all over our community conferences are to be carried on inside civil centers. Convention Halls build to serves the public people’s populations. Located within cities, urban areas such as up-town or down town, in the metropolitan districts, etc.

Other places, non-religious and non-political, are our neutralized sports arenas, outside and inside domes. Also can be held at recreational parks and what have you. These strategic maneuvers, frees us unto the perfect law of liberty, to no longer be perpetuating the religious political poisons that were perpetrated against Africans in America’s Africoid neighborhoods. ‘Weeler dealer con men and women fakers and phonies!!’

Moreover, nor do we have to keep on having our funerals, at these Christian Churches, Catholic Cathedrals, Islamic Muslim morgues! Because there are a number of Funeral Homes, Mortuaries, that have attaching Chapels that are neutral. And I actually live right across the streets from one of the largest, most popular ones here in San Antonio, Texas, named: Porter Loring Mortuary. Of course it’s a large operation, embalming, cremation, or preparing the dead and deceased bodies for proper and respectful burial.

Families may have their funeral services held therein… then proceed to the selected cemetery accordingly, etc. Case closed and a new one opened!!

CKNWCA’S Banking Accounts are for financial funding burial expenses too!! A storehouse humane helping hand to help those persuns needing to cover cemetery plots, buying caskets, paying for cremations, floral arrangement = flowers. Taking care of the entire-whole process of laying our Transition’s bodies to rest, etc.

NO No no = so called educational fund which have not produced any honestly educated African Africoids in America. Only a further continuation of indoctrinations; duping-bribing-brainwashing Eurocentic wicked witchcraft white whip “Cracker” Caucasian Caucasoid creatures criminal crap!!!

Furthermore, as long as we persist to give credibility to these viciously viral villains, money marketers, expert extortionists, spirituality raping robbers–racist racketeers, then, we are also being or acting like or as if we were:“Stupid ass blacks”; “Dumb ass Negroes”!! = SLAVES!!!

YES INDUBITABLY: As The UNDERTAKER’S Son of SUNGOD, and earthly Daddy C.l..D. Rev. Ph.d. Business Administrative, Funeral Director-Mortician-Deputy Sheriff, etc., etc., etc. Smile, that was HIM!

The mainstream major point I’m making is a Sublimely Inspirited Commission Calling Cause, appointed and anointed artistic ministry. In an artful-talented total truth telling manner; to boldly and bravely, bring back down to the grassroots underground level each every one of the phony fakers.!

MASTERMIND OVER MATERIAL MATTER: Thus this terrific undertaking; is to take these specifically stated parasitic infections to task. Destroy their long-standing Fraud in fact lies of leading liars. A mental-psychological vs. a biological-physical substantive due process. Embalm their dog gone asses and then deliver them to their finalizing fatal fates, = the cemetery graveyards of DEATH and of no after LIFE!!!

Y’ALL DUTIFULLY NOTE: My oldest sister recently called me [2010] and said that the Christian Church, Shiloh, told her that she could not be buried or have her funeral services held there, if her tithes were not paid in full. They demanded more money from her and kept insisting. Bluffing-Bullying-Badgering Bogusly Bias Bigotry!!

And this is the very same church congregation; butt, newer church house, that our Grandmother attended, along with myself as a young boy, and she served faithfully as Clerk. Her name was Mary G. D. who was a devout true Christian when she passed away = bodily died! [Bryan, Texas] And my sister reminded them, the new preacher-pastor and deacons of this history!

Although, frustrated trustee Sister D. asked me what did I think about cremation? Well, I replied, saying that it was OK, I suppose, why not? Plus I also reminded her that at my Daddy C.L.D.’s funeral home, in which our dearly beloved deceased mother Sis…, who’s dead body was serviced through; has a connecting Chapel, where her Wake went on, etc. Before going to the  family’s Mt. Mariah Baptist Christian Church,. Where we also attended as very young Sunday School kids, etc. [Houston, Texas]

Simply and plainly refuse to fear not belonging to some religious group or some civil rights oriented Christian congregation. Beware of venomous snake bites, being that they have attached themselves to things. with legalized lethal fangs and forked tongs. Associating glibly with important issues and tissues. Those in which people are emotionally attached to also. So that they can play on them, crush one’s emotions… make them feel bad… guilty and sinful. 

A mind gambling game of devilish dice, loaded snake eyes of the sinister serpent SATAN. Thus to easily mislead astray their naive and gullible flocks. Lost sheep and innocent little lambchops!

YA don’t have to belong to no one butt your own self. Contemplate-meditate or pray at home. Because, youanimation8-colorking-rotate.gif are your bodily temple of the internal indwelling Spiritious Solar Sexus Soul and external eternal SUNGOD’S COSMIC CREATOR!!!

So then yawls, lets be crystal clear on this subject, no-body needs a religious ceremonial, customary casket burials, because amply enough is a SPIRITUAL SESSION + PROCESSION!!


YES THIS IS OUR BATTLE PLAN: A ChristLikelyen vs. Christian, is a courageous calling cause of action. Taking back our money bags from the menacing money changers in the small-large or mega churches! They all are liars and the lost, misleading Fathers and Mothers and Parental guardians of lies!!

   Albeit, AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, boldly and bravely says, believe my informing y’all that ChristLikeness, strictly and staunchly means HORUS THE CHRIST = Christ+HorusHeart Deity = Divinity = CHD. !!!


VERY VALUED ARTWORK: Originally and initially based on not a bogus belief, butt, on an artistic expression of free speech, symbolizing spiritualized solar sexus souls. Per-suns and Hue-mains ascending up into the heavenly skies of CyberSpaceAge ancient ancestral Africa’ astronomy and astrology. Cartoon like characters called, Osiris – Heru or Horus + Isis. Holy Father + Holy Son or Sun + Holy Mother. = The Trinity or Family Tree of Three mythological lives.

Albeit, better beneficially blessed by believing in the Composing Constructive Creative Imagination of authentic actualizing artists. May We’s & Us’s now living today in the world of material matter, well and live, cause the created currencies to come crystal clear. That through the mind, these transformed-transfigured-transitioned, mythic personalities are to manifest themselves according to the prophetic messages. Indubitably, never deciphered Meta Neter Hieroglyphics. Spiritualized Scriptures = + sacred secret scrolls + safely secured symbols. Actualized by our authorized artists as ancient ancestral Africa’s ascendants!!!

Further still, being a life long bible reader, even I had almost been completely sold on the ideas, that a Black Jesus Christ instead of a White Christ Jesus, was the righteous way to go. According to how it was written. BUTT, by doing so, myself like so many others, failed to realize that this man person being, first name, Jesus, never lived in human art form, flesh and blood, bone and marrow, as CHIRST!!!

Thereby, in LOVE LIFE LIGHT LOCKS: of these REVELATIONS, no black or white Lord & Savior & alleged “God” existed for real live sake. Howsoever, AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, has created a problem solving solution, realistic remedy and cordially compatible correction to gross errors and artful answers.

PARALLELS: Something a person or people populations can compare, truth with untruths, facts with fictions, …as a first coming precedence of providence.= Prophetic Prodigies!! = Sons of SUNGOD or GODSUN!!

MASTER1 Melanin Media, Messiah Mental Models + Meditate-Mediated Musical Metaphysical Mediums

My True -Up U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religion = REAL-LIVE-VISION!

Therefore We’s & Us’s no longer worship in a so called Church house, Chapel, Cathedral, Mosque, Temple or Synagogue, butt, in our 21Century CyberSpaceAge SANE DOMAIN NAME!!! ’So then, what is your domain name?


CRITICALLY CRIMINAL & CRUCIALLY CORRUPT-CROOKED: All land masses are contaminated by corrupt crooks as two-legged upright walking inhumane beings. Completely insensitive and uncaring about their own physical-psychological and spiritual health, as long as they got a good paying job, satisfactory wages, lucrative benefits, bonuses and salary raises and some extra income, etc. So be it!

Albeit, what might have seemed to be better benefit blessings, are now today proving to had been Divine Curses in deceptive disguises. Due to trusting, believing in so many media myths, and doing so as devout religious faithful fools. And, following blindly bogus bigots and bias hypocrites of hatemongering and warmongering Nazi & Klan mentalities. The primary main sources of negative energy entities fomenting bloody wars, starting internalized troubles and creating civilian conflicts all around our whole wide world web! = whip “Cracker” “Honky Ideology”!!!

And they/we as a “race” of humans have to pay the heavy price tags for failing to control those who they/we voted for during election campaigns; in all alleged developed-industrialized or civilized nations worldwide. Expressly, in particularly, Europe-European Union Nations and The dis-United States of America!!! More specifically white Caucasoid Caucasians and or as Anglo-Americans are at an indecent, indifferent rate in my estimation of about: 88% to 90% apathetic and complacent!! (howsoever this approx. number applies to the black Africa-Africoid-Negroid & yellow Asia Mongoloid-Oriental out of containment control populations too!!)

anim-paralyzecolorking.gifAs I’ve Spiritually Envisioned: Only very minute remnants of the world’s populating people are Saved, Redeemed,, thus repaired and restored to cleansed common decency. That also equals the amount of 10% to 12% Rare-Rich-Royal few. And monetary income, education or wrong education counts for nothing worth deliverance. Only by being pure at heart, absolutely non-religious repentance, regrets and remorse has potential possibilities of salvation through the invisible patterned pathways of Spiritualized MASTER 1 Melanin Media. And that, at these damage assessed points or periods in time, being sorry and apologetically shall not necessarily cease the cause of actions summoned via a Divinely Decreed Damnation!!!

As the Christianized USA military might fire terrorist missiles and or crazy cowardice Caucasian Caucasoid creatures Drones drop deadly destructive bombs down upon civilians and citizens homes-houses-businesses. Allegedly to combat the rebel-revolutionary Arab “Al Qaeda” forces?!.

BUTTRESSING + SUPPORTING MY REVELATION REPORTS = Ref.: “In January, the MRFF broke the story on the Pentagon’s Jesus Rifles, where rifle scopes used in Afghanistan and Iraq were embossed with New Testament verses.” Simply put: Mikey Weinstein can be a brute and a zealot. He knows this and admits it freely. But he believes it’s the only position a reasonable person can take when confronted with a faction dedicated to mutating the U.S. military into “a weaponized Gospel of Jesus Christ.”  

“Michael L. “Mikey” Weinstein is an attorney, businessman and former Air Force officer. He is founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation  (MRFF) and author of With God on OUr Side: One Man’s War Against an Evangelical Coup in America’s Military, in which he describes his fight against alleged coercive evangelistic practices by some members of the military.”

“Military Religious Freedom Foundation”

Butt I vehemently proclaim that it is only the same old sorry ass Euro-centric excuses to practice their Western White Witchcraft in aircrafts. Flying overhead as cowards killing people of color; under all satanic  disguises; smokescreens and covers of deception. Even fooling themselves by psychotic rationalizations-self-deceptions and gross distortions of true realities. Casting colorblind spells as poisonous potions of political-religious racist terrorism!

Via the Angry Anglo-America Al’Qaeda ass alibis to assault Africa’s continental lands. And to further destabilize-debilitate their independent economies, destroy their city infrastructures and pit/pitch Africans against each other, etc.

Therefore, both Pro-White Western Christians of Christianity’s insanity of inhumanity and the also, historic white supremacist “pale face” slave master whip “Cracker” Arab Islamic Muslims; “must go”; “have to stand down”; as a MASTER1 Melanin Media Militating Mandate!!!

”AU’s stance on ICC warrant: Meanwhile, the African Union [AU] on Friday said it will not execute an ICC arrest warrant issued for the Libyan leader. African leaders at the AU summit in Equatorial Guinea said the warrant issued last week “seriously complicates” efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Libyan conflict. The warrant “seriously complicates the efforts aimed at finding a negotiated political settlement to the crisis in Libya, which will also address, in a mutually reinforcing way, issues related to impunity and reconciliation,” it said. An assembly of the summit decided that “AU member states shall not  cooperate in the execution of the arrest warrant,” according to a text of the  decisions.” Last Modified: 02 Jul 2011 01:45.

Arab slave trade:  The Arab slave trade was most active in West Asia, North Africa and East Africa. By the end of the 19th century, such activity had reached a low ebb. In the early 20th century (post World War I) slavery was gradually outlawed and suppressed in Muslim lands, largely due to pressure exerted by Western nations such as Britain and France.[2] However, slavery claiming the sanction of Islam is documented presently in the African republics of Chad, Mauritania, Niger, Mali and Sudan +

THINK: So why would any so called African American Black in their right mind want to name themselves “Mohammad” or some other Arab name and think that they are of Africa and have escaped the “honky ideology” of the racist white whip “CRACKER” Caucasoid Caucasian criminal?!

Because the exact same Roman Catholic Church Popes-Priests-Bishops & European Emperors created and concocted all three of the major media mainstream religions: 1st Christianity/Christians of allegedly Christ, then 2nd = Islam/Muslims of allegedly Mohammad, then 3rd Jews/Judaism of Yahweh!!! Specifically and strictly in that truest historical-chronological order! And absolutely not going by the fictitious-falsified Bible records as a reference because it has never been legitimate and correct in chronology. Period.

SPIRITLESS SIN-ISTERS = XXX666 MINISTERS: It is highly inaccurate and terribly wrong to think, believe that the 3 stated religions are Spiritual in nature; because, they are the very opposite; spiritless. And along with each and every one of their leaderships as popes-priests-bishops, preachers-pastors-deacons. And it is also a fraud in fact devil lie of satanic liars!

VICIOUS BLOOD SUCKING MODERN – MEDIEVAL VAMPIRES & BIAS BIGOTED BATS!  Inside their internal guts; of ugly documented historical warmongering and racist hatemongering.  Thus it is unholy and ungodly, to propagate political propaganda poisons about some spiritual blessings by Catholic or Protestant-Baptist Christian Church practices of worshiping their falsified “God”; white male person being in bodily flesh; allegedly “Jesus Christ“. And none of this Criminal Caucasian Caucasoid crazy crap; has absolutely no connection to Ancient Ancestral Africa’s SPIRITUALITY!!! So at once and for all; get the Good GODSUN Devil Damned Heavens Hades Hell Fire out of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!

BEWARE & BELIEVE THEM NOT: These wicked witches of the White western world and their devilish delusions and demonic mental illusions cast by sinister sorcerers can never again at all be trusted. They will do just about anything to hang on to power positions of politicized poisons and religious spell blinding potions; concocted inside a caldron of lies and deceit!!!

Furthermore: And in spite of good sounding religious garbage and Vatican junk talk that seems so innocently nice and peaceful, decisively dispel any notion that they are honest and truthful!  Denounce and discharge these child molesting-sexually immoral raping pedophiliac psychopaths. And every time one attempts to attach to our revolutionary-evolutionary creative movements…  tell the Popes & Bishops to stay their white gluteus maxims in Europe where they belong and originated as their homeland. And this goes for the Romanized International Criminal Court of power hungry hateful heathens too. Fight their racist religious wars in Eurasia = Europe & Asia and Not Africa!

VACATE & LEAVE THE PRIMISES = Git off the African properties: As a mandate must do, or else die. Demand them to “step down” regardless of who they might think that they are so high and mighty; because I don’t give an owl’s hoot. Nor do I care in the least what anybody says about me or my words of wiser wisdom, unwisely and foolishly making personal attacks-verbal assaults-insults against AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD. Seeing how that an automatic divinely decreed curse is summoned against them and all of their (bio-genetic) family love ones too!

Moreover: In their desperate attempts to win your trust and gain back some degree of credibility, they deceive you even more so. Acting as angels of life and love and light. And are contriving to associate themselves and the Christian Churches with clinical services, as medical hospitals pervasively, military indoctrination of Christian dogmas, and operate most of the philanthropic charity groups. So people are caught in their caged criminal caldrons of false Christianity. And also be not duped into believing that they are helping our causes of actions, by talking out publicly on our behalf; because none of We’s & Us’s need the Vatican Popes to speak on any of our key issues whatsoever. 

PLAINLY: Just simply go away and leave people of darker-shaded-toned-tanned Melaninated skin pigmentation of color alone!!! So that Africans can relearn how to live in LOVE PEACE & HARMONY…among themselves = ourselves!!! Read later on:

Son of SUNGOD solemnly says: Certainly for sure, that is my definitive answer and conclusively correct commission calling cause that shall stand strongest than all others…. forevermore and everlasting Love Life Light Locks!!! Read later on:

TRUE FACTUAL REALITY: And I vehemently proclaim that the illegal arrest warrant; issued for Mr. Moammar Gadhafi Sir; of Africa,  is only another Caucasoid Caucasian criminal creatures crazy causes of capitalist corruption. None jurisdictional, null and void of legitimacy, truth and justice. The so called “ICC” is nothing butt a bunch of the unlawful ass “axis of evil” conspirators, working in cahoots-collusion with all of the rest to the crooked coalition forces of Euro-centric Enemy Energy Entities. = Racist Whites suffering seriously and severely, Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes of the System’s Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = CHRIST+HorusHeart+DeityDivine Quarinity4 Indwelling ChristLikelyen vs Christian!! pt1 or


Tested totally toxic people and their livestock and farmed crops chemically laced with poisonous pollutants. According to their/our own scientists examining these substances, excessive hormones, antibiotics, that combine together formulating extremely unhealthful realities, be though whatsoever they may?

SUNGOD strongly stops them by His mighty MASTER’S Mind: “Worst Drought in More Than a Century Threatens Texas Oil Boom By Joe Carroll – Jun 13, 2011 1:49 PM PT The worst Texas drought since record-keeping began 116 years ago may crimp an oil and natural- gas drilling boom as government officials ration water supplies crucial to energy exploration. “

FACTS OF TRUE REALITY: “The worst Texas drought in 44 years is damaging the state’s wheat crop and forcing ranchers to reduce cattle herds, as rising demand for U.S. food sends grain and meat prices higher. Texas, the biggest U.S. cattle producer and second-largest winter-wheat grower, got just 4.7 inches (12 centimeters) of rain on average in the five months through February, the least for the period since 1967, State Climatologist John Nielsen- Gammon said. More than half the wheat fields and pastures were rated in poor or very poor condition on March 20.”

SURELY: Societies widespread have been repeatedly admonished-cautioned-warned about these untrustworthy religious politics and the politicians who they elect or vote into offices as supposed to be public servants. Butt, they have elected and chose to ignore these safeguard securities and civil liberties protections. By buying into lottery corruption spending and wasting valuable financial funds foolishly, and playing the religious race card gambling games; possessed by the casino demons of deliberate deceptions. Especially eatng up all the white male God Caucasian Caucasoid creature concocted crazy crap!

THEY HAVE BEEN TOLD: Plus we all can easily have access to the needed information, online with the Internet’s world wide web of our 21st century CyberSpaceAge technologies of digitized media advancements. Thanks to the inventor Mr. Mark Dean the African American Black Man mastermind1 melanin messiah-creative genius. Yet we only hear about Bill Gates who invented the Microsoft software for the PC. This is another artless form of Institutionalized Racism. However, anybody could Search Engine, Google-Yahoo or what ever; thus, discover these truths, facts, evidences and proofs today. No sorry ass ace of spade alibis and pitiful excuses for failure. And if one can afford to go out to the shopping stores for drugs of sorts, alcoholic drinks, lotto tickets, to nightclubs-dancing and shooting the shit, illicit-illegal drugs; legalized poisonous prescription pills, weed-grass-marijuana-cigarette smokes, then they can afford to purchase a Personal Computer = PC.

As a material matter of fact Mr. Bill Gates uses his billions of dollars, money to gravely help spread the white man’s MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses” over into yellow Asia and black Africa. Going on their so called “Humanitarian Missions” of rationalizations-self-deceptions and gross distortions of reality. Hurting and harming and severely injuring people of color’s natural immune systems and native defenses against illnesses and sicknesses. Which are products of living life itself, to build up immunities against invasive viruses and diseases via native-natural exposures. Not man made-mass manufactured medicines. Although the white man’s medicines were meant to destroy our longevity and good health. And generate his hateful inferiority states of being. to justify his own inferior feelings by degrading-denegrating others so he psychotically seem to himself to be supremely superior.!

UNFOFTUNATELY:  Naïve and gullible and deceptively misled celebrities, rich rock stars, Hollywood popularized political pundits are meddling, and sticking their naughty nasty noses into our livelihoods. Expressly Black Negroid Africoid Africa!!!

Constantly interfering with the internal affairs of sovereign foreign, developing nations and small independent countries. Poisoning them with pharmaceutical prescriptions of pill pushing pimp physicians. Polluting the populations of people of Melaninated skin colorations with contaminated vaccines, killer chemicals called medical treatments. Yet he; Bill Gates, like so many other western Euro-centric dictators of false democracy and terrorist tyrants, need to learn how to tend to their own business and leave other nonwhites alone to tend to our own problems and difficulties.

Butt, these bad-bio-seed, wealthy Euro-Americans are unhealthy for Africans and Asians, medicinally-mentally physically-psychologically, dietary and spiritually!!! So they impose their ill-will upon We’s & Us’s!! Systematically from on the inside of nonwhite nations, propped up puppet politicians, duped-bribed-brainwashed leaders, that will let them in to feast and fed like leeches, blood sucking vicious vampires and political parasites siphoning the vital nutrition and nourishment, natural resources out of our earthly body organisms of their life’s substances. Causing severe hunger and starvation, = poverty’s byproducts. His “axis of evil”animation8-colorking-rotate.gif doings! While glibly attempting to completely deplete fertility-virility and drain our GODSUN Spiritualized Solar Sexus Souls +Soils!!!

Furthermore: And it is well documented that those attempting to control and dominate the internal-national and international affairs of our Global-World-Nations  are socialist-communist-capitalist Caucasoid Caucasians, contriving to out do their competitors China of Asia’s yellow Mongoloid members; while still in the surreptitious midst of conspiring among each other to oppress-depress-repress the global map’s geographical-continental homeland Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature’s Negroid-Africoid = Afrindian people’s populations of deep dark shaded, toned-tanned Melaninated skinned HUEMAINS!!!

PROMPTLY & IMMEDIATELY TODAY; This hideous hostile hatred of We’s & Us’s has to go, be put down, forced to Stop-Point-Blank-Period. Racist whites, and compliant uncle toms, coconut brown nose stooges…, shall and must and is being systematically and systemically terminated, eliminated and ultimately become extinct. Because their grace period is over, finalized, and Divine Decreed Judgment and Justice is consummated = completed. As a direct and proximate results of inhumanely being historically irresponsible!

USA & EUROPE: Building a national country upon indigenous inhabitants enslavements, oppression-repression-depression of human rights. And committing crimes of racial-ethnic-cultural genocides, captivities, bondages, plundering-pillaging, robberies-rapes, torments-tortures and mass murders. In an inseparbly connected long-standing chain of events, historically to date. Compounded by basing the foundation upon faulty fraud in fact lies of leading liars! Falsified politicized religious historicity. Thus while still in the surreptitious midst of over-amocp;lorking-fadegray.gifpopulating the planet, polluting life to death, destruction and has insanely summoned Good SUNGOD Devil Damnation. And this is certainly causing cataclysmic currency climatic changes!!!


How does one become SPIRITIOUS? As opposed to being Religious? Well y’all, it is a prerequisite condition or state of conscious thinking mind, to totally Relinquish Religion! And nobody anima-underwater.gifcan do that better than yourself. It’s what I name to be our Sons of SUNGOD’S shinning summer sunrise awareness awakening. = a willingness.

The Worshiping Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom, through the patterned pathways of our Daughters of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature.= FEMININE + MASCULINE Eco-Electro-Entity Energy Emotions: LoveSexRomance!!! = Male & Female Scientific Sapiens Species Specifics.

Spirituality and Religiosity opposes each other or one another. And the evilly exercised energy entities being concocted from religious beliefs are: racism, sexism, egoism, fascism, justly to list a few notoriously known ones. And it doesn’t materially matter in the least in our physiological world of existence, what denomination, faith and or belief customs one chooses to practice. The man made, manufactured “God” Caucasoid Caucasian concept, is a falsified one throughout Europeanized written history; to this present day of our 21st century CyberSpaceAge. He only glorifies and honors himself when using that or these words: “God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh” etc., etc., etc.

Furthermore, there is absolutely no solid ironclad proof that their anima-psoter-colork.giffictitious versions of a single or monotheistic entity exists. Inside our Solar Sexus Soul System absolutely no other than the one and only singular-solitary-solemn SUNGOD. And polytheistically there are billions of other remotely distant superpower star GODSUNS.

YA SEE: Nor can the Euro-Anglo-American religious worshippers; Christian church going congregations; mosque attending temple Islamic Muslims and synogogue going Judaism Jews; show us any sure documentation that their solo “God” ever walked the planet earth in the human flesh and blood, bone and marrow! Nor can prove He is up in the heavenly clouds of joy somewhere looking down upon humanity. It’s all racist religious radicalism, unsubstantiated customary claims, conjecture and speculations. Offering no clear and decisive and definite evidence proving their case beyond any rational reasonable room to doubt!!!

RELIGION: It’s only a psychotic mental state of corrupt criminal culpability. Guilt + blame!! The major causes of world wars, violent uncivilized conquests and civilian conflicts of combustion, chaos and confusion. Due to imposing and forcing their ill-will upon other human beings worldwide, I‘m strictly talking about so called “Whites” infringing, encroaching and trespassing against the humane rights of indigenous inhabitants. Expressly, native-natural MELANINATED dark-toned-shaded-tanned people of cultural colorations. So named to be “Blacks” and Browns, Africoid-Negroid populations of people. = African American or Afrindians or AmeriAfridians.

Now today these subjected victims are brain wise dumbfounded and sexually + spiritually stupefied thus stunted in developmental growth of wholesomeness. Simply for; persisting or continuing in trusting in those who have deceptively lied to them and the world. Regardless of how they embellish Bibles, flourish the text writings, linguistically retranslate-edit-revise and glorify its fictitious historical beginnings, it is worthless as a true chronological record of history!

In spite of the multitudes of scholarly historians and theologians of the Euro-centric institutions of learning; even jepardizing their own lives and many were hung, necks chopped off and or were burned at the stake as those practicing witchcraft-sorcery-heresy-heretics condenmed to death by the racist Roman Catholic Church Christian Crusades of crazy criminals and radicalized religious Inquisitions.  The 88% to 90% bad biological genotype trait seed whites vs the 10% to 12% good gifted genius genetic type traits of well stablized Whites. = Wholesome + Healthy RNA & DNA CODES!!

Yet unfortunately misled, unknowingly, good intentions…, they all spent a life’s time trying to explain these Bibles the best that they could. Butt, unfavorably attempting to do so, while still under the impressive religious beliefs, that they were of totally told truths. Allegedly and presumptively “God’s Word” or “The Written Words of God“. Thinking inside the bogusly bias built box of bigotry and hideously hostile, hateful hypocrisy = harmful hegemony. Reasoning from on the internally intellectualized foundation of famous fictions, folklore, fabled fairy fantasy, fraud in fact lies of leading liars!!!

The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD strongly says, that nobody receives an automatic rite/right of passage or PASS, to trespass against to top secret sacred security of Natural Laws + Universal Laws + Spiritual Laws!! Spreading poisonous political propaganda; coupled with commercialized religious readings as historical literature is alway going to be wrong, incorrect and in gross error.  

A criminal -serial killer of humane Spirituality, murder of common decency. In spite of how they are articulate, speak proper English language, sophisticated orators of chromatic character, polished and smooth talking, And popularized by the major-mainstream media they are by cause and physical effect + emotionalized affects on people’s activities and behavior, make the all guilty as charged. Sentence to death and destruction. Either one knows what they are doing accurately, what they are talking about publicly, or they simply and plainly don’t know and are also lost, gone remote astray. Infinite Intellectual Intelligence of the Universal MASTER’S 1 Mind is impossible to deceive. Can’t be misled by conscious or unconscious thinking fraud in fact liars, misleading other misleaders. Recruiting and proselytizing the multitudes of impoverished-poor down trodden masses. Those who are not ever going to be deemed innocent or faultless or blameless, Democrat or Republican, Catholic or Protestant; Jew or Gentile, Hindu or Buddhist!!

YES: This includes so called White & Black Leaders, such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ; Min. Malcolm-X-Big Red Shabazz, U.S. President John F. Kennedy & Senator Robert-Bob Kennedy. Nor the historic Abraham Lincoln, Mr. Megar Evers African American civil rights leader. All of these shorten human lives were hit hard by assassins bullets. And died relatively young, regardless of what anybody wants or wishes to talk about. And each one had a common denominator = Religious Politics = HEAVENLY FATHER SUNGOD & MOTHER EARTH NATURE FORBIDS!!!!

MEDIA MADE MYTHIC MENTALITY: Now today about 88% to 90% of our aggregate citizenry, every skin color-creed-racial group thereof, herein, are taught to be educated idiotic ignoramuses. Due these religion-izing. Which no one was conceptually or conceivably born with; and their/our birth certificates proves my case crystal clear. Butt in factual truth, we all were inborn having an innate-intrinsic-indwelling SPIRITUALITY

Now today blatantly blocked = justice obstructed-delayed and deterred.  And through the misleading educational school systems, indoctrinating churches included, citizens of societies has learned how to insanely act like lunatics. Overdosing on religious narcotics, and living in a sickened psychological mindset of unholy hypnotics!!!

Within the Christendom cage of captivity, there’s no escaping anima-psoter-colork.gifExodus existing; as long as one is entrapped inside. You shall have to come out of her harlot whoredom to enter heavens earthly COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.

Apparently and obviously for positively sure, everybody having eyes to see, senses of feeling the warmth, heat-hotness of radiant rays of energies and as prismatic spectral hues to visual sight, know that my mastermind artistic perception is a REAL-LIVE-VISION.

Moreover, looking at SUNGOD or GODSUN, is as truthful as true can get. Completely non-religious butt, certainly Spiritious. Showing humanity, plants and animal creatures, insects and all living art forms alike, that He or It exists everlasting Love Life Light Locks!!!

And as AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, I artfully apply my Composing Constructive Creative Imagination to add the graphical outlines, anima-spiral-colork.gifgeometrical shapes, tones, tints and colors of that Grandly Great Optical Seeing Eye in the crystal blues Skies. Giant Color Wheel = composed compact disc. Which is no mystical-mythological manufactured medium, and is for sure how all eyes of creatures appear, operate and are basically designed based on factual realities of truthful science = optometry.

There’s a center carbon core, called pupil, there in the iris, forming the major media of visual sight. An inverted dual reflection of what we see and what sees us converted. To and from, sending sets and receiving = receptors. = Love Sensations Spirit Sublime = Spiritualized, Solarized, Colorized, Posterized energies. Of the Electromagnetic Field of ColorComplexTrix!!!

Son of SUNGOD, is an artistic accompaniment co-creator of our animation2.gifConscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR, of the SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!

And this is not an intelligence factor nor intellectual scholarly type of education = indoctrination. This is instinctive, intuitive insights via The Afrindian Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How. And this also means that instead of us being ambitious egoists, selfish-envious and jealous of the more gifted and talented among our people of color; may we persevere and endeavor to set the captive and enslaved TRUTH FREE unto the perfect law of LIBERTY!!!

IT ALL NATURAL: Therefore one can never possibly or simply just use logical rationale and practicalities to reason upon these revelations and creatively imaginary visionary perceptions. = My True-Up-U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision!!!

All of the stated biblical men and women, boys and girls, prophets, poets, apostles, disciples, characters and personalities really and truthfully existed, that is of course, in make believe fairy tale lands. Of media made mythologies, mindless mentalities of meanness and militaristic mass murders!

No doubt, that’s exactly why all of these religions, in particularly the Europeanized Westernized faiths, and their blind faith followers, are extremely dangerous. And honest written historicity bears my witness. These European Roman Catholic Church Christendom Popes-Pedophile Priests-Bishops; coupled in cahoots collusion with the Protestant Christian Church Preachers, Pastors, Deacon, etc., are all psychopathic crooks and sociopath mental states of criminal culpabilities!

The Genesis Creationist theory is untruthful, The biblical Exodus of Hebrew slaves, later called Jews, never did truly exist in my/our ancient ani-wave-colork.gifancestral Africa Egypt = KEMET. Plus, this biblical event never happened. Howsoever, there was an ancient African-Africoid-Negroid GENESIS GENIUS generated gifted Solar Sexus Souls created by our SUNGOD’s COSMIC CREATOR.

Likewise there was a massive Exodus, large numbers of migrating native Africans as the Original Humankind, historically called “RACE”, leaving the continental VegePlanTerRain of Mother Africa. Traveling, navigating to all of the other geographical lands and islands that they came in contact with. Thus settled in tribal homesteads, families or clans. And the trustworthy archaeologists and anthropologists are documenting these evidential truths presently right now today. Our advanced technologies are serving to reveal these buried findings indicating the deeply dark Melaninated populations of people of Africa’s Afrioid-Negriod origins.

Inclusively, Ancient Egyptians offspring, progeny, skeletal remains, bio-genotype traits, RNA & DNA CODES, and customs, artifacts, artwork, crafts, sculptures, ceramics, clay pottery, wood cravings, etc.

No doubt there were great flash floods inundating lands and drowning people, washing them away and down rushing river waters. It happens today. And certainly earthquakes occurred and violent volcanoes erupting in many locations on and in the global planetary sphere earthly body organism. Butt, there was no Noah’s Arch carrying or loading two animals and birds of each kind! That’s psychotic foolishness, fakery and fraudulent-fiction of religious politics!!

There were no needs for the white man’s wrongly written world history from a biblical and religious foundation of folklore fables. Plagairized-copycat allegory-stories. The bad white man vs THE GOOD WHITE MAN: He did this evil in order to write himself into our historicity, and to erase, cover up completely our true existences in ancient history. So embarrassed and humiliated, feeling inferior to be deemed a “Johnny Come Lately” Appearing pearly pink and Lilly white skinned mutation of blackish, bluish, brownish skin pigmentation. A derivative, copy, mutant, offspring of the initiating ONE ORGINAL Revolutionary Evolutionary CREATION!

He’s still unstable, insecure, and fearful of “Blacks”; esp. the males and real men. His one sided use of a single hemisphere of his brain at one time, has developed intellect; butt, that’s no sure sign of higher or superior intelligence. It’s only the common results of studying and learning. Being educated to lies or truths. Albeit, Spiritually he remains an infant baby. Because of a partially frozen, and somewhat calcified Pineal Gland. His “pale face” is pure proof. And it is from Spirituality that’s functioning that kindhearted feelings and tender emotions are energized. And, is activated by which or through which humane attributes arrives; appearing to be beauteous black-bronze-browned and golden tanned.

It generates sanity of humanity. Common decency needing no subjected victims of other racial-ethnic-cultural groups to enslave, capture, rape-rob or kill. It’s his Caucasian Caucasoid instability, conflicting brain waves, discordant frequencies and friction in his head, causing psychotic episodes. Violent temper tantrums, droping bombs on populations of people of color. He’s hideously hateful, homicidal and suicidal when placed under severe pressure, distress or duress for durations of time. He become in effect brainless, soulless, heartless, ruthless and weak willed. So then as a narcotic drug, he has glorified in his hero worship of other white male mass murders, cruel slave master whip “Crackers” committing genocides!!!

Thus Military might armored force of arms, which serves him as a protective covering or egg shell, nut shell or big baby bubble to live in and hide behind as a coward. No courage to drop the murderous militaristic armor, guns and weapons of warfare. Mace, stun guns, shock shields and now tasers. His innate psychopathy and sociopathy will not allow him the calmness of meditative mind to relax, rest his weary spirit and soul and learn to live life in LOVE PEACE & HARMONY!!!

Feeling emotionally so filled with inflamed inferiority, to the insane point of suffering Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes. Compelled to use the other extreme one side brain use, making himself “God”. Thus cowardly using the innocent, alleged legendary sweet “Jesus Christ” of Nazareth to scapegoat and sacrifice on an accursed cross of Calvary’s mythology. Who western white male artists drew well, depicted and portrayed expertly and painted him to be one of them, a “pale face” European Caucasoid Caucasian. Now that’s truly criminally crazy and freaking psychotic!!

The forged forms of false Christians Christianity, wrongly believe that this made up man person being who supposed to had been Jesus Christ, who had overcome death on an accursed cross in his resurrection, actually lived. Yet this again is only a religious belief; and not actually in reality of factual truth KNOWING!

Although the mythological ancient ancestral Africa’s Egyptian mythology, is true in that it is a proven myth that did exist in reality as CHRIST = HORUS the son of Osiris and Isis = “sun of god”. The allegory-story is well written, pictorially drawn and painted on the walls of caves-pyramids in stone. Right now today in KEMET presently named modern day Egypt. And Me-Myself-I AM, the Originator Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = CHRIST-HORUSHEART-DIVINITY!!!

“To Know Thy Self” is TO LOVE THY SELF. Thus consciously choosing to be whosoever one pleases to become in an actualized, self-realized human being art form. Freedom of artistic expression of free speech and to be at civil liberty of freedom of choice. Thereby meaning that Heru or Horus the Christ is no “Jesus” whatsoever and had or has nothing at all to do with the white western Europeans religiosity and historicity. By the wayside, who do you think-believe or know that you are?

Here again artfully applying my Sixth Sense Solar Sexus Soul’s Spirit, faculty of composing constructive creative imaginary, free gift of grace, this make believe creature, animal like human and bird symbol, has now manifested himself through my own self. He was named the ani-colork-perch.gifSun of God, butt, I am named as being a Son of SUNGOD. Having no religious ties associations, affiliations with the Eurocentric Caucasoid Caucasians fictitious and mythic “Son of God”!!! Because mind’s apparently and obviously exists in true reality, shinning serenely as a big bright brilliant brain and 1st optical seeing eye in the crystal blue skies!!! Seen and recognized by all common senses, logical and practical perception in visual sight.

I repeat, y’all must fully understand this truth, these “Whites” wrote themselves into “Blacks” real history and included themselves into our mythological history. Which automatically displaces, degrades-denigrates, distorts and destructively destroys the positive images of We’s & Us’s!!

Furthermore, on all counts charged against these hatemongers and warmongers of INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM; the are standing strong in the truth and the power of its might. Here to put a dead end to the satanic disease = Demonic-devilish discrimination against the HUE-MAIN “RACE” Original Creation. And they can stay in a mental state of psychotic denials if they want to, butt, racist whites as a mandatory must be made to Stop-Point-Blank-Period.

For positively sure, they are not going to have another person of current cultural coloratins to set blame, point the evil finger at as an enemy, as a viable scapegoat. Such as they habitually contrive to do by degrading Black leaders who want their freedoms in full now, and the Africans in America and in Africa who refuse to bow down and suck up to whites as brown nose coconut bootlicking stooges and uncle toms!!!

Likewise there are no more tyrants and foreign dictators to support or others who hate Europeans left to exploit expediently. Nothing butt thin air and oxygen and dust particles of the past. Because, it is the most powerful energy entities which are attacking and violently assaulting this Institutionalized Racism that I so very eloquently speak of. Fearlessly and ferociously via The Awesome Forces of Mother Africa Earth’s Divine Nature & Her Wrathful Weather = Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship!!!

Likewise, as I’ve read – researched and still studies so many of our total truth telling Afrocentric and African Africoid-Negroid scientists, bio-chemists, archaeologists – anthropologists and historians; inclusively some Eurocentric or European Caucasoid Caucasians, of scholarly educational backgrounds might I vehemently proclaim this: DIVINELY DECREED DAMNATION!!!!

I deem them damned devils and demons: As a direct and proximate results of their persistent rebuffs and constant resistance to receiving their written books, journals, documentations, and live Televised lectures and publicized speeches on these specific subjects of vital interests. The multitudes of hard headed, obstinate, disobedient, citizens have to pay dearly for their stubbornness and rejections of total truth telling. It is of paramount importance and imperative to KNOW, where we all originally came from, and initiating birthplace, times and geographical locations. And how true or false history influences, impacts and or controls how humans conduct themselves and act openly today. For good or for bad, for right or for wrong.

I guarantee y’all that none of their man made manufactured mythic “Gods” can’t save them from my truth to the heart hot heated SUNGOD or GODSUN.

I bet you that the Ultraviolet radiant rays of our prismatic color spectral hues of energies, can and so does penetrate the clouds, water-oceans-seas ,mountains, land mass material matter. Thus chemically interact adversely with what we’ve eaten internally and what we’ve rubbed upon our skin surfaces as creams, soaps, detergents and body lotions laced with strong corrosive, toxic cancer causing commercialized chemicals. They are activated by His hellish hot heat. Then these white Euro-American profiteers and racketeers, shift fault, set scapegoat blame on the safe, secure, sensible sunshine. Telling light skinned citizens to avoid direct sunlight, it’s their enemy. And stop sun tanning, booth – beach bathing and stay indoors under air-conditions cooling systems. Wear sunscreens and sun-blocks daily and at all times buy some and keep rubbing it on the skin; all season, spring-summer-fall-winter. Protect your young tender skinned kids too!

Dictating to them via mass marketing media madness and medicinal murders, to hide in the shade, dark spots under cool roofs and shade tress, etc. Whites of fair faced pale pink pigmentation are; somehow, contacting or getting the deadly skin diseases, esp. Melanoma!!!

Nevertheless, the UV rays travel through, thus negatively interfacing with all criminalized characters contextual contents of culpable mental, psychological and physiological states of human being. One of poisonous politicized religions causing calamites to gravitate back over towards them as individual persons and as collective communities of counties and countries. And they guilty as Karmic charged, can run and hide butt they can never truly escape the skin, lung, or cellular cancers causing culminating deaths.

Their falsified “God” Lord & Savior Jesus Christ is no match for CHRIST+HorusHeartDeity. Via the AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD. We are now today seeing and experiencing a time of pyrotechnics, lightening bolts of volts of eco-electron-energies of emotions, ensuing thunder storms. And pyromaniacs = arsonist fire bugs are being born, to light fires that are burning butts, homes-houses, mansions, cabins-lodges-vacation resorts. Starting raging forest-grass-brush blazes of Heavens Hades Hell Fires!!!

These are no mere accidents if ya choose to look straight at the evidential facts. Mother Earth Nature made the humans, Crooked & Straight. She bored their births and they were all born by the belly body and living organism of Her bosom. And none of the Christian Catholic Cathedrals & Protestant Church houses shall stand up against the directed droughts drifted down to them from the grassroots ground level upwards into fiery flames.

The severely hot spells of in-spirited wrathful weather will wildly sustain itself in long-standing duration until humanity learn how to truly Repent from or relinquish radicalized religious racism-sexism-egoism-fascism. And, have honest historical regrets, show sure moral remorse for their many years of wicked western white world wrong doings. Toxic thinking, toxic thoughts, bio-genetic altered plant crops, livestock-agriculture–farm lands-depleted soil fertility ending up becoming deficiencies in nutritional-nourishing dietary stuffs for food chain consumptions.

Plus, poisonous politics, pharmaceutical prescription pills, polluted political positions of prejudiced power, crazy contaminated vaccines = vicious viruses; inclusively, mass media murders by MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses“ man manufactured-made. Cleanse the chemically contaminated clinical medicines. Cease polluting, waterways, airways-skyways, cut off bad eating habits, etc., etc. etc.

Yes the Christian Churches do indeed practice the political polices of religious racism, unlike and in opposition to what their alleged legendary “sweet Jesus” who supposed to had been the CHRIST, taught. They are hateful heathens of inhumane hypocrites of blasphemies against their own mythic man. Actually betraying the true myth through other artless forms of fraud in fact devilish lies of liars demonic deceit!

Further still, there’s no so called “Second Coming” on the Event ani-stetch-colork.gifHorizon. The false Christians don’t deserve him as a sir name or first name “Jesus”. Nor do they deserve the true title CHRIST, Son of SUNGOD’S Love Life Light Locks!!!

Moreover, and the Bible texts, writings of western white Europeans, will become their worst of all antagonist arch angel adversaries. Every wrongly or well written word will be used against them so poetically eloquent. They shall eventually become real sacred Scriptures as a prophetic Inner Vision of Prayer foresees. A ChistLikelyen vs. Christian!!

And by my being an avid Holy Bible reader, student of learning from early childhood days, every since I was old enough to look at the portrayed picture presentations. Teaching my own self how to sketch-draw-paint and portray all of the alleged legendary biblical charters, personalities, and disciples by rote memory and or simply by heart. Therefore, I don’t condemn the Bibles, butt I must say, decisively denounce their use as a truthful documented chronology of actually existing historicity. And through these world wars, political religious conflicts worldwide, quite inevitably and unavoidably 88% to 90% of humanity is suffering from insanity due to falsified Christianity. Expressly Christendom/Christians, and Islam/Muslims, and Judaism/Jews!!!

There’s no spiritual connections with any religions. That misguided notion is only bull crap concocted corruptions. They are strictly intellectualized beliefs in the authority of having faith. Scholarly assumptions and pretensions. One can not teach spirituality + sexuality or induce it, implant it, nor has anybody ever seen it in our physical world. Spirituality is an invisible state of being based on energies traveling to aanim-paralyzecolorking.gifnd from, in and out our SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM. Between the highest heavens and earth by patterned pathways of our Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR via SUNGOD!!!

Our MELANIN hormonal generating or producing Pineal Gland is the connecting conduit. The composer conductor who or which orchestrates orderly operations communications directly and indirectly to mankind, womankind, humankind.

Direly consequential, thereby in my view, has never been any actual spiritual growth going on inside one of the man made buildings call Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples, Cathedrals and their structural or architectural types. Completely null and void of SPIRITUALITY!

One can not exist where the other is. They don’t mix, nor blend, nether do being humanly Religious unify with being Spiritious!! One is Europeanized and the other one is Afrindianized. One’s Pineal Gland is calcified categorically Caucasian Caucasoid; to considerable extent, and the other openly free flowing fluidities Africoid-Negroid; in most cases.

However both Euro-centric and Afrocentric mediums of Spiritualized Musical Metaphysics; may be closed, frozen, blocked, obstructed, misdirected, redirected butt never destroyed. One functions fully and natural by native ability = African state of mind and both brain hemispheric sides working artfully together or simultaneously. Unfortunately, and the European fail to function in full fitness, in a lesser degree unnaturally due to being a mutation, etc. as I’ve already discussed.

So unnaturally and unholy, ungodly, unmercifully he, the White males created their concocted concept religion, and glibly attached it to Africa spiritual cultured-civilized customs Starting in my/our ancestral ancient Africa Egypt = KEMET; with the friendly and unfriendly invasion and European occupation initiated by Alexander ‘The Greek’. Thus which in its wicked western wake carried along with it these savage beastly barbaric plagues of racism-sexism, fascism, egoism. The terrorist treat to all earth bound being of soundly sane humanity.

According to truthful research studies, references to be posted herein soon. The Euro-Anglo-American U.S. Federal Government, Presidential Oval Office & Pentagon, has clandestinely Christianized the whole entire military armed services. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines. And as I comprehend, they have bribed-brainwashed-duped these young impressionable teenagers, to profess their faith to “Jesus Christ” as their “Lord & Savior”!! While still serving in the surreptitious midst of honoring their pledge of allegiance to the red-white and blue, stars and stripes emblem, national flag of the United States of America! Compelling to make believe that they are compassionate Christian Crusaders commissioned to criminally kill the targeted enemies of their “sweet Jesus”!!

Justifying in their sickly psychotic irrational thinking minds, that by interfering with, intervening, invading and occupying sovereign foreign nations, small countries, that they are brave warriors of honor and respect. And fooling them into believing that by mass murdering defenseless civilians are casualties akin to all wars which are necessary “under the rules of engagement”! Now includes dropping bombs from unmanned aircraft called drones, along with aerial assaults, warship weapons of destructive cruise missiles, racist rockets shot into population centers, crowded cities of urban metropolitan areas. Plotting and planning to assassinate official heads of states, presidents, rulers, dictators, leaders who White males choose to hate and like lusting to kill off. It all equals = the inhumanity, insanity of Christianity!!!

Fortunately this is the last line, the straw that broke the camel’s back; as they so often say. These officially elected and voted for by American citizens Governmental leaders, politicians in power positions, has made their most foolish and unwise mistake. Signaling and or signifying their finalizing fatal fates of their very existence. Which is no longer just in serous question; butt, better still, finally facing demise, due processes of elimination, and systematic-systemic extinction.

Off of the living bodily organism of our planetary sphere. Due to launching their hatemonger, warmonger military attacks, vicious violence and savage assaults upon the geographic VegePlanTerRain, of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature. The original creative birthplace of the Africoid-Negroid HueMain “Race”, including bombing Cote D’lvoire’s Ivory Coast, Libya, Somalia and blasting every other strategic location therein. And as I’ve prophetically proclaimed before it first happened March-April-May-June 2011, devastating disasters, terrify tornado twisters, flash flooding, raging fires, long-hot summer droughts, and horrific hurricanes. And I truly Know, it is She who is delivering the hardest hitting blows back against the North American continent and European nations specifically. Via her wrathful weather, Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship!!!

Y’all always in lovin’ faith remember, that there has never been any ancient Egyptian religions of ancestral Africa. That’s the White man writing his history of falsehoods and untruths. So be very careful when reading their Europeanized concepts and ideas written in their present day literature. Because you are not getting a decent nor good education in world history, butt only a bogusly bias bigot’s indoctrination.

It no longer matters how scholars argue over how the historical presentations of biblical “Jesus Christ” is to be, upgraded or downgraded. Because they argue and debate from one extreme left side of their brains to the other extreme right side of their brains. = Imbalance!! All within the very single context of wrongly written historical reports. Captivated and entrapped by their own self made manufactured myths.

The Caucasoid Caucasians from the ice-age freezing cold Caucasus cave mountain ranges, would have non-whites, esp. Africa‘s Africoid Negroid native, indigenous inhabitants to choose one of their one sided bias beliefs or the other prejudiced beliefs. For example such as: biblical Creation theory or allegedly Scientific theory Evolution. Howsoever, WE’s & US in our righteously Africanized minds should know much better by now to foolishly follow their leads any longer, and electively and selectively choose to apply a realistic-artistic approach. Thus by unifying, combining both conceptual ideas into one single system of thought. Non-religious and non-political!! EVOLUTIONARY CREATION & CREATIVE EVOLUTION = Dynamic Equilibrium Bio-Balance!!

Common sensibilities and soundly sane sayings that makes perfected perceptions, good judgments, and offers more accurate answers. As they concocted concepts of their “God”; they deviated further in anim-staineglass.gifmaking him the Almighty Cosmic CREATOR of the universe. Butt, He is absolutely not!

No more than my SUNGOD or GODSUN is. Yet for sure It or He is a Co-Creator on a much smaller scale, make in the exact likeness, as a direct ascendant of the ORIGINATOR-CREATOR-GENERATOR-OPERATOR; of the Universal ColorComplexTrix. And of all other solar systems and of celestial bodies, planetary spheres and or other earths.

And AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD is also an ascendant co-creator, unique individual little living Per-Sun residing inside a psychological, physical-biological-chemical- brain based thinking human body organism.

The Europeanized Christianized concept of “God” capitalized, is a separatist, isolationist ideology, theology, and segregated, disunited division from the shinning singular SUNGOD. Meaning that the Sun & God are only ONE energy entity unified in the body as a Solar Sexus Soul Spiritualized single or creatively composed GODSUN.

Now y’all have to not only understand that; butt completely comprehend and actually apprehend these apparent truths. Showing themselves daily righteously before your very own two eyes to see crystal clear. Needing no mythological and religious explanations. And these scholarly authors of the biblical written texts, theologians-historians, don’t necessarily know what on planet earth they are talking about. And I don’t care what types of or how many schools, colleges, universities they attended and graduated from with degrees. Nor does it concern me what they think they’ve learned and or were taught their historic fraud in fact lies of leading liars. They are always wrong, false, fraudulent = incorrect in gross errors!!

They have imposed and forced their Christians and Islamic Muslims, and Judaic Jews religions upon non-whites or people of Melaninated skin colorations of dark-shaded-toned tans! Captivating and enslaving their innate-intrinsic spirituality. Causing calcifications = whitening-bleaching out in effect and by impact if not in actuality our colorized consciousness and con-science. Consequently causing colorblindness – colorlessness. Defecting and infecting the productive Pineal Gland generating creative spiritualized gifts of All Mighty Divine Grace!!!

ani-shakycam-colorking.gifCOLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, breaks back down to ground level zero of monetary-financial-economic naught the byproduct Self-hatred. That is induced by the wicked western world white Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes of who I’ve imaged to be The Sinister Snake Serpent SATAN!!!

INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM’S, faulty foundation in racist radicalized religions; inclusively, the worshippers thereof, are impelled to relinquish their claims, containment controls of earthly humanity; or else, do or die!

NO REAL FREEDOMS: As long as they can keep y’all inside of their belief based concept of “God”; they also keep you under their Christian church cage captivity containment controls of falsified faith = foolish fancy, fairy tale allegory-stories. And white world of mythic make believe.

This is artistically why I name my own self to be an ARTHEIST, as opposed to being an Atheist and a Theist. Which means that I am an actualizing AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD.

I do indeed Know in my SUNGOD, and know nothing in truth to believe about their vicious-viral versions of “God” whatsoever. Nor do they! And in recently revolving years of creative evolutionary brain developmental growth in knowledge and wisdom, I have slowly moved away from using the singular-solitary expression “God” altogether. “All Mighty Lord God” is often heard in some of my musical media, MP3 song sound tracks, howsoever, said within a spiritualized context, sort of like “The Old Negro Spirituals”!!!

The artfully applied principles of common decency is faithfully founded and formulated from sober senses. Chemically concocted man made manufactured drugs and alcoholic liquors free. Otherwise, hateful hostile heathens are created. Addicts and alcoholics of substance abuse and medicine misuse. Poisonous pill popping pimps pushing pains and sinful suffering. Devoid of activated spirituality too; along with the other religious freaks of psychotic beliefs and bad behaviors. Two extremist elemental energy entities!!

Moreover, I strongly suspect that these white man’s medicines, pharmaceutical prescriptions pills are the political poisons plaguing the poor-impoverished inner city urban so called “Minorities” The constant influx of legalized hospital and clinical concoctions wrongly named medications, are cause what has been termed: “Black on Black Crime” and violence!!

Systematically and systemically mixing the two, alcoholic drinks with elicit-illegal substances, compounded by legalized toxic drugs. Generating confusion, and chaos, and combustions in the climatic currency chambers of the mind’s brain and cell membranes. Thus interfering with how our internal mechanism or human body organism operations and behaves. Irrationally, erratically, irritably. Getting on one another’s nerves to the point of extremely violent over-reactions = murders and homicides!!


ChristIslaMuslim + JudiacJewJesus

YES: Christ +Islam Muslim + Judiac+Jew+Jesus:  This means in my unique language and constructive creative wordings; defining the fact of true mythic reality; that The HORUS CHRIST figure came first and foremost. Derived, plagiarized, copycat borrowed and or simply shared, from my/our ancient ancestral Africa Egypt = KEMET.

SECONDLY; A none existent man person being was fabricated from fiction, The Prophet Mohammad. Based on biblical literature as its initiator. And then, the Roman Catholic Church Popes, Pedophile Priest, Gay Bishops, formulated a religion and religious belief system for his followers called Islam; made strictly for the Muslims of that faith. And they used the alleged legendary make believe Arch Angel Gabriel, as the spokesperson for their theory “God”; who supposed to had talked with Mohammad giving him inspired messianic or prophetic Mosaic messages. All Holy Bible beliefs based on Old Testament writings and wrongly called sacred Scriptures!

THIRDLY; After which then came the concocted creation of the Roman Catholic Church Caucasian Caucasoid creatures, a religion for the old-world historic Hebrew Jews called Judaism. And the first time that the word or Sir name Jesus appeared was in the New Testament Bible the book of John…. When Jesus was mentioned as being a Jew. So prior to this insertion, glibly added inside the biblical text, there were no person living by the name of Jesus Christ.

Y’all see crystal clear: Make no mistake about these statements of totally told truths. They contrived, plotted and planned to put European white westerners, pearly pink “pace faces” into our ancient ancestral Africa’s history; while attempting to erase, cover up and or completely wipe We‘s & Us‘s out of our truest ancient African ancestral historicity.

ani-shakycam-colorking.gifIn the illusionary disguise of being biblical ancient Egyptian Hebrew Israelites; then Jews, as cruel Pharaoh enslaved sons and daughters of this other non-existent biblical characters named to be their Father Abraham. Then Isaac and Jacob as they continued to build up generations = genealogies of falsified families following this linage and ancestral heritage, on unrealistic religious basis and on non-historical terms!

Albeit, trustworthy, honest and dependable archaeologists, anthropologists, historians and theologians, have collectively said and written in one harmonic voice; that the Old Testament & New Testament as Holy Bibles are actually well written myths.

BUTTRESSED Because in the time period of antiquity, meaning ancient times, and of Africa’s KEMET = “The Land of the Blacks”; later named Egypt by the European Greeks, there were absolutely no such of thing as a Europe or European nations. Only Asia & Africa existed in their original language names and racial-ethnic-cultural identities. All of that geographical area they are now calling the Middle East, is actually North East Africa. Divided and separated almost completely by the wicked white man’s African Africoid-Negroid slave built Suez Canal. A strategic shipping lane for militaristic and merchant ships of the European Caucasoid Caucasians as an easier route of passage in between = divide and conquer = invasively violent criminal conquests!!

This should draw some blood from the undecover cowardice hooded KKK & Neo-Nazi mentalities of Institutionalized Racism: At the time periods that we and or my ancient Egyptian African ancestors created civilizations of great grand gifted genesis geniuses; discoveries and key inventions…, esp. of the Nile Valley, the so called “Cracker” Caucasian Caucasoid creatures, uninvolved or not yet fully evolved albino mutants were still blocked off due to the historical ice ages.

LOCALLY :Locked inside the icy freezing cold Caucasus cave mountain ranges. And his own psychopathic and sociopath behavior put him down and degrade him, not me. I‘m just the True-Up AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD sketching-drawing and painting the colorful portrait face pictures for y‘all to see and visualize. From a panoramic perspective. And the evidential proofs of truth, is recorded and documented by other common decent good Whites, making my case abundantly crystal clear and concise.

Howsoever when the ice-age came to pass and the snow caps began to melt away they came crawling out of those dark damp caves with a vengeance. Almost intuitively instinctive, via genetic programming traits, traced and traveled back towards their Negroid-Africoid initiating birthplace baby cradle, of the HueMain Original “RACE” = the geographic region and continental VegePlanTerRain of Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!

Moreover, I envision that our Good Great White Hopes of Humanity’s Sanity, about 10% to 12% saved-redeemed by ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE, came back home as friends, migrant visitors. In Love Peace & Harmony; who often would resettle, have homesteads, clans-families of interracial dating-mating-mixing-mingling-marrying. And of course having new born babies. With the deeply dark shades, toned-tanned Melanin skin pigmentations which was recognized or discovered as only being skin deep. Superficial!

animation16-transition-.gifCOLOR KINGDOM NWCA reveals and reports These graced Whites went on to become prominent scholars, educators, philosophers, astronomers, scientists, physicians, musicians-creative artists of a higher capacity for intellectual intelligence. After all they were taught, schooled in an African university by the bright brilliant brains of my/our ancient ancestors of Egypt’s Africa!!!!

Nevertheless, the near frozen or calcified Pineal Gland of the not so completey evolved bad bio-seeds and defective-dysfunctional genotype traits of the weak Caucasian Caucasoid creations, acted like “savage beast… barbarians”! Vandals of vandalism, hoodlum thugs, gangster lynch mobs of clannish meanness and madness.Wacky wild west wicked woman witchcrafts and sinister sorceries!!

Neurotic, psychotic symptoms of Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes; that masked or cloaked or covered up their deeper subconscious, inner inferiority complex!

Consequently dire: While still in the face of the truer African native people of color and indigenous inhabitants superior knowledge and know how, they got madder.

Became inhumane, heathen hostile and hideously hateful. Thus unavoidably and inevitably reverting back to their rejected beginnings as relocated-displaced lepers of the contagious disease leprosy and pearly pale pink peculiar pigment looking albinism. All in the genetic pre-programming, at their conceptual births to seek revenges; restitutions, retributions and retaliations for rejections. Transferred for generations from parents to their progeny-offspring, infant babies, children born inventers and perpetrators of racism. Then all of a sudden their necks turn red hot and start burning as if with flames of fiery anger. Vociferous and violent immature temper tantrums and childish loud outbursts of bias bigotry and prejudice. Self-hatred because, the lack natural melaninated complexions given freely by our SUNGOD. Their skin is blotchy, spotty, with Melanomas.

Likewise, and as it surely seems real right now today, that these very same false Christians, Arab Emirates “pale face” racist religous radicals, and heathen hatemongers and militaristic warmongers can’t stand to see Africans in America; nor in Africa make positive productive progress. Particularly they tend to detest WE’s & US’s developing independent of them and becoming liberated completely, free from their containment controls and devilish dominance!!

Thus hysteria that was latent, lying dormant from a predisposition of early childhood and past genetic generations pops up. Bullets and bombs cowardly dropped from unmanned drones, manned fighter jets firing racist rockets, warships launching criminal cruise missiles in metropolitan-inner city civilian areas of homes-schools-businesses. Assaulting the infrastructures of those people of color who are advancing themselves, technologically and culturally and spiritually.

THEY HATE HUMANE CIVILIZED SOCIETIES; So they form Eurocentric coalitions conspiracy collusions in cahoots with each other. Military operations as big brave bullies angry-Anglo-America U.S led Europe & naughty nasty nose negative neo “new Nazi” NATO. All cowardice Caucasoid Caucasian Christianized Criminal Crusaders! Read fully story book blog;


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The Original Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, founder of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
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