CHRISTRIXITY = ChristLikelyen vs Christian + ChristLikelyenity vs Christianity = Cosmic CREATOR’S Christrix HorusHeart Divinity = AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascendant Ancient Africa Africoidian Anointed-Appointed Artistry Arch Angel Ark Ankh Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra Son of Solar SUNGODD DEITY via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts pt2



CHD_Christrix Horusheart Divinity

 CHRIST: As I have holistically defined the wealthy word to mean, equals = Cosmic Huemainheart Rises Spiritiously True. Inclusively, Color Hue Ray Infinite Spiritious Truth! Signifying C.H.R.I.S.T.

Yes, it’s all about how We’s & Us’s choose to create the English wording to be and what it is meant!!

 Albeit, AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, boldly and bravely says, believe my informing y’all that ChristLikeness, strictly and staunchly means HORUS THE CHRIST = Christ+HorusHeart Deity = Divinity = CHD. !!!

ChristLikelyen Cyber-Churhxz: Therefore We’s & Us’s no longer worship in a so called Church house, Chapel, Cathedral, Mosque, Temple or Synagogue, butt, in our 21Century CyberSpaceAge SANE DOMAIN NAME!!! ’So then, what is your domain name?

ChristLikelyen vs Christian  by ArtistCHD So yawls pay close attention for apprehension, hear crystal clear with complete comprehension, vocalized clarity and listen up!

Son of SUNGOD solemnly says: Certainly for sure, that is my definitive answer and conclusively correct commission calling cause that shall stand strongest than all others…. forevermore and everlasting Love Life Light Locks!!!!!

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9 ChristLikelyen_p2-s3c_m (10:26) mp3

10. CristLikelyen_p2-s4d_m (12:42) mp3

Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = Christ Horusheart Divinity. Son of SUNGOD sanely, sensibly soundly says: Solar Sexus Souls so solemnly saved. Righteously redeemed, delivered are y’all 10% to 12% Rich-Royal Rare few of humanity’s sanity. Via the paved patterned pathways, of radiant Ethereal Eco-Electron Energy Entities traveling through the Electromagnetic Field of the ColorComPlexTrix!!!

COSMIC CROSSOVER: Plus + Per-suns, people populations positively protected, defended divinely. After they walk or mentally travel across this beautifully built bridge, over troubled waters, ani-colork-perch.gifimmediately bestowed upon them are better benefit blessings. Freely given gracious gifted genesis geniuses via Love Sensation Spirit Sublime’s everlasting, leading Love Life Light Locks = Solar Sexus Soulfood foundational fortunes!!! 

“Imagine if you can what it would be like without the sun. A dark, cold, planet – totally devoid of life – think about it! If it were somehow possible to live here, still this body could not survive very long without the sun because (as one person put it) we are one giant photocell, dependent on light for the Life-Force we need to energize our 75 trillion cells.”

ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian_2012_B2

YES: Contrary to what book product profiteers try to tell and sell you, don’t ever on your precious life believe them! Think for yourself first and foremost. As it is well written: ‘He or she whosoever, totally trusts in mankind is a faithful fool!’ Most of the times he never knows in total truths, what the hell here on planet earth he’s talking about! His hidden ulterior motives and secret agendas; are to trick you into giving up your hard earned money. Especially pay or buy something that you really don’t need!

Particularly, when SOLAR DEITY SUNGOD’S Life Forces are fortunately, fully for financial free. And HEATXZ costless currency charges are eco-electron energy entities, absorbed by the living bodily organism. The very same manner in which planet earth and living plants absorb these talented time tested true: Love Life Light Locks!!!


‘The Creative Cosmic Christrix ‘n me and you the heavenly holy hope of glory; Wexz and Usxz true-up our story, magic mystery mystory.’ It is well written: “The Christ in you the hope of glory”

ChristLikelyen + King of Kind Kinky KING

Furthermore, what ever Life Forces raw or uncooked foods, meats, esp. vegetation originally had.., once eaten, the human body cooks it, bakes it, boils it in liquids-fluids -water and oils or fats. And that’s called digestion! It is a high heated stove and oven in and of itself. Blazing and burning caloric chemical concoctions in its stomach’s intestinal tracks, and combustion chambers. Using hydrochloric animation2.gifacids, and it own manufactured enzymes to break fleshly food particles down to be assimilated. Converted chemistries via vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino-acids, fats and carbohydrates. A flaming, fiery incinerator, incubator, generator, inner sungod self!!!

Therefore, scientifically, logically, sensibly, soundly and sanely, SUNGOD’S radiant rays of the prismatic spectral hues, visible and invisible, seen and unseen, are the only true solarized sources of energized forces to enter the living animal and plant and human body’s biological being. It’s absolutely not and never a dietary thing of entry, inception or reception and ingestion. Only Optically Optimized Opioid Organic-Orgasmic Original Organism!

YES: I am revealing to y’all and to the whole wide world web, this short story about one of our living…. Of course, still alive and well, African Americans of z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, z-Brownxz pigmented per-suns of these dis-united States of angry Anglo-America Al Qaeda. Smile humorously and happily, basically because this true brother and sister, were saved by ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE. Spared the death penalty, divinely decreed devil damnation! Listen up to his story told truthfully, proclaimed personally in his own words and recorded voice.
animation16-transition-.gifIndubitably, the mastermind melanin messiah man Mr. Junious Ricardo Stanton, intellectual genius. “Positively Black”;” Digital Underground”. Who crashed his vehicle while he and his dearly love wife were driving on a highway. On or about a Sunday afternoon…? About three weeks ago today, Monday, August 27, 2012.…4:09 San Antonito, Texas time documented herein: COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.
Click here to hear mp3:
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2. sungodd_p2-s2b_m (16:33) mp3
3. sungodd_p2-s3c_m (15:49) mp3

4. sungodd_p2-s4d_m (17:04) mp3
5. sungodd_p2-s5e_m (17:08) mp3
VICIOUS BLOOD SUCKING MODERN – MEDIEVAL VAMPIRES & BIAS BIGOTED BATS!  Inside their internal guts; of ugly documented historical warmongering and racist hatemongering.  Thus it is unholy and ungodly, to propagate political propaganda poisons about some spiritual blessings by Catholic or Protestant-Baptist Christian Church practices of worshiping their falsified “God”; white male person being in bodily flesh; allegedly “Jesus Christ“. And none of this Criminal Caucasian Caucasoid crazy crap; has absolutely no connection to Ancient Ancestral Africa’s SPIRITUALITY!!! So at once and for all; get the Good GODSUN Devil Damned Heavens Hades Hell Fire out of LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature!!!

The Genesis Creationist theory is untruthful, The biblical Exodus of Hebrew slaves, later called Jews, never did truly exist in my/our ancient ani-wave-colork.gifancestral Africa Egypt = KEMET = KEMEGYPT. Plus, this biblical event never happened. Howsoever, there was an ancient African-Africoid-Negroid GENESIS GENIUS generated gifted Solar Sexus Souls created by our SUNGOD’s COSMIC CREATOR.


Melanin Magnetic Mastermind over manifested material matter. Meaningful methods, Messiah Mental Models Modes + Musical Metaphysikcal Mediums.  And this is the truest soul serving source of our received, ingested living light photon powers and life forces! Pure Radiant Rays of ENERGY!!!

ChristLikelyen Cosmic Creator Chemistry of our 21 Century CyberSpageAge Churcxz or z-Churchxz; instead of the traditional conventional church house. The new world word of wisdom is a name or noun, plus + added as a plural and a singular expression and meaning. It equals = one inclusively, two or more multiples.

“There appears to be a correlation between the rise and fall of civilizations with the rise and fall of radiation from the sun. The graph shows a long-term envelope of sunspot activity derived from the center graph of Carbon 14. More carbon 14 is absorbed in theanima-spiral-colork.gif growth rings of tress during the sunspot minima. Sunspot minima also correlates with mini-ice ages and a winter severity index based on a mean for Paris and London – for the period shown. The Maya disappeared during a sunspot minimum.”

YES: Infinite Intellectual Intelligent Illuminated Immaculate Imagination. And this time test talented travels; is precisely how it, the chemistries all artwork and network and Ethernet together as a unified wholesome one. Nobody, not a single individual, automatically, receives ritual rights of passage, past the paved patterned pathways, of the Energized Electromagneticani-shakycam-colorking.gif Field ColorComPlexTrix. In which guides us into our innermost subterrainean regions of the SPIRITRIX + SOULTRIX. Each and everyone has to come cultured clean currently, correctly, completely-consummately! Thus to truly earn their PASS!

First and foremost: The individual person has to wilfully, knowingly, intentionally and deliberately: “DIVEST” themselves of all manmade, manufactured mythological RELIGIONS.

Another wrong thing I keep on hearing so assumed ‘African-Centered’; school educators talking about, being on these Europeanized “Vegetarian Diets”; and as “Vegans” eating raw foods, etc. These are self-seeking Negroes, stuck stupidly on stuff sold to them by the veray same sinister scientists, pseudo dietitians and negative nutritionists. Getting on their talk radio shows, saying: “don’t eat pork”; bogusly bias bigots blatantly bad black bitchcrafts = religiosities!

Yawls know now that when you hear hog haters, swine and pig prejudice, stay clear of them and decline to trust anything that they say = sickly spew out online. Due to them being taught to hate their traditional anim-paralyzecolorking.gifClean Cultured Culinary cooking, cuisines, customs of our originating Occupyneers organism. Indubitably, ancient Africa’s ancestry and anointed artistry of Atom Amen-Ra; eatng meats of animal flesh, blood, bone and marrow + fresh fruit foods as vegetation, vegetables, greens, colorful crops, seed-nut, berries, grains, planetary plants of our organic VegePlanTerRain:

These self-induced ignorance, is more harmful, hurtful than the food sources that they publically proclaim to be poisonous, polluted. Although, their Spirits, minds, are adversarial, antagonistic, aliens agents against Africoidians = Anti-Africa!!

Racist Renegade Rouge Radical Reptilian Race Religions: = veganism = vegetarinism, instead of being better beneficially born blessed, by eating my mastermind melanin messiah mental models = Planeterrian diet decreed divine: Solar Sexus Soul food financial funded foundation = $$$ EcoEnergystics!!!

Ok yawls, perhaps, that’s their choices, which is cool with me. Butt, when they try to tell others that they are so much African in their “Conscious Community” thinking and beliefs, I wonder how in the hell on planet earth can they be so stuck on stupid?!

Likewise by the very same black token unwisely spoken and African dietary dishes forsaken and bogusly broken. Which means that the only things being taught at their schools is how to “act white”; how to hate themselves, dietary culinary cultures. Thus embrace and feast on Eurocentric concocted concepts about alleged: good and bad cholesterol” foods. Dividing Africoid mindsets into Caucasoid confusion, and separating the holistical health and well-being into segregated body parts, positive and negative. Yet copycat nonwhites; they persist to be far too lazy to try to for themselves = THINK UNIQUELY + CREATIVELY + ORIGINALLY!!!

So then,  these misled scholars, teachers, can only teach African American students, youths, how to run from eating their native-naturalized Spiritualized Solarized, Sexualized SOULFOOD FOUNDATIONAL FORTUNES!

Funky Soul Song Season mp3

Secondly, these “Jesus” freaks, who insist or persist to think or believe that he is “THE CHRIST”; so be it! Butt, I pray tell y’all that they are actively receiving their just rewards and false Christian crack rock ‘n roll drug addition. And they can choose to sell their Solar Sexus Souls, out to whom ever they want to, according to their cognitive awareness and free will. In accords with what we call ‘The Holy Bible Scriptures’; it is written: That a man made the statements, wrote the wordings, texts – testaments, scripts, verses, chapters, psalms, proverbs, Genesis and Revelation. So every time she or he proclaims, “God” said so, is a highly confused, confounded colorblind believer and foolish faith follower of fraud in fact lies of leading liars!!!


YES: On or about Saturday, April 14, 2012…12:00pm: I listened into a talk radio show, head honcho hosting by an ambitious egoist, CEO, angry African in America, who is certainly anti-Jesus! And Mr. J. Black, an old-school warrior fighting for total ‘Black Liberation’, one of his co-host had his grown-up daughter and grandson online talking over the media airways, about her “sweet Jesus”. And every time her father would challenge this black mother, about her religious Christian beliefs, she would refer to the Old Testament, in which we so very often called the Holy Scriptures. Alleging that “God said”!

For primary principal examples: Lets take the chapters “LEVITICUS”: Chapter 12:1: “AND the Lord spake unto Moses”; “And the Lord said unto Moses.” Now ask yourself who actually is saying these things, testifying these thoughts? Is it the assumed “Lord”? Or is it only written by a second or third person, claiming such spoken words were through “Leviticus”? Is this not defined to mean; hearsay? Such as “I heard it through the grapevine!” HELL YES!

“Christ Is All And In All” HueMainity!!!

Likewise, might we ask as it is written, according to who? Did our bible not tell us as readers who and what actually said this, that or the other? For instances: In light of “John 1:16”; or according to what someone doing the writing said that “Matthew 1:20” said that the “Lord“ or “God“ said. Further still, as it is written: EXODUS chapter 20 first verse: “AND God spake all of these words saying..” Do common sensibilities say that this bible Old Testament made it abundantly crystal clear, that Exodus said this? Surely it does! And who wrote those words in the ‘Good & Bad Book?’ Did their presumed “God” write them? Absolutely not!

Surely J.B., he’s emotionally attached to his dearly loved daughter, butt, I AM absolutely not!  And the head honcho house Negra in charge, has far too much respect for the elder brother man; while he is fevoring hot in the background having to bite his tong and swallow his spite, hold his peace forevermore.  Patiently! While wondering why and how long is he going to have to put up with: “Red Meat” “Fried Pigs Feet Sandwich Eating” “Stupid ass black people”; “Dumb ass Negroes!” ‘All we need to eat is some bananas’! (D.A.)

Yawls smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a happy, healthy, holistic healing humor!

Yet I’m fully free: To openly speak and talk and write as I good-god-devil damn please. So then, truth totally told is my mainstream melaninated messiah mastermind mental model mode. She is so seriously wrong and lost and has gone remotely astray. Yet she thinks that it is possible to articulately talk the English language, while intellectualizing and rationalizing on the Bible texts; to establish correctness, righteousness and truth. Personal idiotic ignorance!

So then the old-timer African Black American man, tries to go around her clogged and calcified pineal gland. Reminding his hard headed daughter, that he never has tried to impose his beliefs on her, although, if one would do the in dept research studies, they would easily discover that their “Jesus” idolatrous worshiping is only a mental illusion, psychotic delusion of their minds imaginations. And for her to remember too, that ‘I told you before that you don’t own your young teenage son, or children, butt, that he or they came through you. And your only job is to take good care of them until they are old enough, to leave away from you, “fly off” on their very own. Doing a by-pass surgery on her mindset of stuck on stupid, butt want to be smart. Having all of the quick answers that are also all wrong, each and every single time she says: “God said”! Not knowing what is falsified or truthful?! Are our bibles telling lies, or is it people personally lying to themselves?

RELIGIOUS RADICALS: Falsely claiming that the “Holy Scriptures” said some things that it simply and plainly never did or does not actually say! Nowhere is there a Chapter, head Title name of a written book or bible stating the word: “God” nor “Lord“!!!

She’s surely a candidate ChristLikelyen crossover from falsified Christianity’s insanity and inhumanity! Better beneficially blessed basically because by her willfulness to profess not being a completely colorblind foolish faith follower. She says: “I’m not religious, I’m spiritual!!” Which is a good sign to start with weaning her off this Lord & Savior “Jesus” trip!

BUTT, believe my telling y’all that she or nobody else, can truly have them both, Spirituality & Religion!! And it is a true reality of facts, that traditional Christianity, the church congregational worshipping within thereof, is a religiosity. And positively never can be an anointed, authentic actualized-authorized Spiritiousity!!!

Supposedly: “God said not to be greedy!” she claims. And in another statement daughter replies more correctly: “The bible says that God said.” A slight shift sensibly. Plus + she professes that she do not ‘ see or accept a “white Jesus” Christ’; in her Christian worship. Which is very interesting, basically because I’ve been there at her place of understanding and or lack thereof, too!

That’s of course, until I kept on research reading my New Testament Bible telling me: “To study to show thy self approved unto God, a workman who needeth not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.” So as y’all can crystal clear see and eye witness. I drew and painted this portrait picture; posted above, of the man person being that the Good & Bad Book, described. Who it said how “Jesus Christ” is supposed to look like. An African American male melanin skin color of brown. No different than my own self!

Albeit, better beneficially blessed by being informed, taught and told, that this “Jesus” man person being ‘never truly existed at all!’ So then, I pray tell y’all that I studied and researched even deeper, in depth, to discover for my self, that he really and actually never lived in the human flesh and blood, bone and marrow. And I AM thoroughly convinced!

Therefore, my melaninated mastermind messiah mental model mode, immediately went into play performance, in prompt operational order to at once halt. On a sudden strategic dime to Stop Point Blank Period.

Means making my True-Up U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision = Real -Live-Vision; Story Book Bible BlogsA serious and solemn and sovereign shift and complete crossover to being humanely a ChristLikelyen vs. Christian!! URL:

 ABSOLTUTELY Not This Imaginary “God”; who they so very often claim said this – that or the other words written therein, the bibles or books. And of course, I AM THAT I AM: an avid Old & New Testament Bible reader = realistic researcher. Howsoever, then, I should be the first per-sun to know that my SUNGOD, is the only SOLAR DETY, and HEATXZ never said a Devil Damned thing!!!!

Moreover, my collection of bibles reveals many meaningful sayings, spiritual things that were copycat plagiarized by European CaucAsian Caucasoid, cold Caucasus Cave caged creatures, from our originating ancient Africoid Africa ancestry + anointed artistry!!

Likewise, I don’t know who on planet earth this make believe person name “Jesus” is?! He most assuredly can not ever be CHIRIST who is HORUS or HERU!!! An ancient mythological allegory, folklore story, that never truly existed in a manifested material matter mankind. They are Spiritious sublime sensations and not racist religious rituals. Sacred symbolic sayings, to express ones innate, intrinsic, innate, indwelling sungod selves = Spirituality!!!

Therefore, the alleged, assumed man person being “Jesus” can only be of a Europeanized, Westernized ‘White’ world religiosity vs. Spiritiousity. And they used this presumed inidividual, expediently exploited him, utilized his fictitious identity, to enslave the whole wide world. Placing their terrorist torments, tortures, sins, hate crimes committed against earthly humanity, upon his back as a burden and a viable scapegoat. Which is or constitutes a profoundly deep psychotic rationalized reality, sinister satanic self-deception, and demonic distortion of real-live-vision!!

Quite contrary to popularized Christian Church beliefs, the truest testimony tells those of us who seriously studies our renowned ancient ancestral Africa Africoid historicity, expressly, of Kemet now named Egypt, we discover ourselves. And now know for positively sure symbols were wickedly stolen from our Ancestry & Artistry!

TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS: = Trying tests are actualized against all “Jesus” colaborabors and betrayers of the total told truths. Hard times and bad happenings, are concurring climatically, to see if they truly know what they are talking about? And as the terrifying tornado twisters, horrific hurricanes hit hard and humanly heavy, lets see if their falsified Lord & Savior “Jesus” comes down out of the stormy electrical rainclouds to save and deliver them securely and safely?

Meanwhile, yawls check out this posted blog: The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature + Her Weaponized Weather Wrath!!!

Look Closely At Our Original Creative Artworks

And See Africa’s  Sacred Spiritious Symbols.

In other plain-o-simple words of wealthy wisdom, the ChristLikelyen Cross Cruxz belongs to me and my members and membranes, mothers and fathers. Our opioid orgasmic, organic origination. And there’s the solid stone proof!

And it do not in the least belong to the Europeans nor American Anglo-Saxons!!! YES ya good-god devil damned right,  I’ve taken it back, without question!



CORRUPT: Caucasus Cave = Caucasian Caucasoidized creatures came crawling out of the ice-ages of cold climatic conditions of glaciations. Albeit, many mutant members retained some of their Africa Albino Africoidized facial features. Plus + woolly-curly, kinky, nappy hair textures. Equals = Afros! Plus portrait picture presentations show y’all perfectly how exactly our organic Albinoriginals looks! Some still have bluish, greenish, hazel appearing eyes. Who I creatively call cosmic citizens as z-whitexz, z-pinkxz organisms of z-blackxz, z-bluexz, z-brownxz humanoid first family tree and grassroots seeds genetically sown! And here’s just one close look at an Africoid having light and bright pearly pale pink pigmented skin color complexion! However later on y’all are to go to the total told true story at:


Likewise, as a natively natural born portrait ArtistCHD, I AM one who is gifted to truly see the visual similarities, likenesses and or contrasting differences, of Europeanized Whites; with Africanized Blackxz – z-Bluexz – z-Brownxz. And of course, perceptively viewing our truest sisters and brothers who are z-Whitxz, z-Pinkxz Africoid Albinos!

Moreover, after approx. 20.000 years living inside the freezing cold climatic conditions, they kept their shapes of noses, lips, eyes, sculls and or cranial capacity, etc. And one can openly look closely at so called White Anglo-Americans today, and see these very same facial features. And when an artist colors them black or brown, they become apparently Africoids in actuality!

 MASCULINITY’S Mankind MultiplexRacialBody: Bravely, boldly behold, better beneficially blessed beautifully by Dynamic Equalized Biological Balance!! Black-brown-red, tan-yellow, white-pink pigmented people’s populations, as an all and in all inclusive, GlobalWorldNations.  

CHRISTLIKELYENS vs Christians = ChristLikeness = Collective Community Consensus; Calmly Composed Compatibly. Come Clean Cultured Currently and Consciously Carry on with Me  ‘n lovin’ faith always LOVE PEACE & HARMONY.

 Artistic Analysis + Synchronized Synthesis!!

LORD: Equals = by my mastermind messiah mental model metaphysics.

Love Origins Revealed Divine

Life Orgasmic Righteous Decreed

Light Omnipresent Reality Deliberated

 Locks Optic Reason Declared

All ascending values, artistic attributes, increasing qualities, instead of the usual enslaved plantation mentalities, calling themselves “descendants” of Africa. And when they hear We’s & Us’s elevating our owned selves, they don’t think so grandly about self-love and high self-esteem.; and self-sufficiency.  And want our minds lowered to their slower moving vibration frequencies. Waiting on some outside person, people, to give them a handout, government support, stamp of approval, petty praise, donation funds, buy their profiteering products. Butt, beilieve my informing y’all, that it just simply isn’t going to ever happen! Envy and jealousy and internalized strife has striken their hearts and minds down as descendants!!!!

Therefore forces of trying circumstances are actualizing to compel compliance, and to serrender just regards, righteous recognition to our One and Only Optical Orgasmic SUNGOD SOLAR DEITY!!!

YES HUEMAINLAW!!! + Divinely Decreed Deliberated Declaration Day of JUSTICE JUDGMENT!!!  Via The Afrindian HEAVENLY HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH Powered Knowledge = Know How of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE!!!

Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s antidote to mis-education when he stated that: Philosophers have long conceded that every man has two educations: “that which is given to him, and the other that which he gives himself. Of the two kinds the latter is by far the more desirable. Indeed all that is most worthy in man he must work out and conquer for himself. It is that which constitutes our real and best nourishment. What we are merely taught seldom nourishes the mind like that which we teach ourselves.”

An artistic “paradigm of analyzing“, actualizing realities + symphonic synchronizing + synthesizing key information = problem solving solutions = correct conclusions, and authentic answers. The Euro-centric White man has made the images of Africa so bad, negative and adverse, that his own mind can’t process positive information about Africans. “Cognitive Dissonance” Meaning confounded and dumbfounded, confused in his thinking by irrational and unreasonable beliefs, based on religion and politics. This means that he’s blocked out due to his own clogged up, calcified Pineal Gland, Spirituality generating gift of grace, being the potent hormone Melanin. Therefore today’s White youth are to reject, renounce and rescind their false education and untruthful history lessons wrongly taught in schools and colleges!

INTELLIGENTLY + INTELLECTUALLY INTERESTING: Nicotine is a tissue toxin, that can cause a cosmic connection condition, as a defect, disconnection and dysfunction. And the alleged vitamin wrongly name niacin, is a by-product of nicotine. The same senseless smoke of tobacco in cigarettes.

Thus human beings who are deeply, darkly melaninated in skin pigmentation, don’t necessarily need supplementary consumption of certain vitamins. Basically because, We’s & Us’s can generate or produce what is needed in the bodily organism’s cell membranes. And to induce extra amounts of niacin or nicotine, into the circulatory system, blood-fluids-plasma, causes the cells to dilate, letting more into them, even in excess!

Howsoever, those people who have less melanin manufacturing abilities, with pearly pale pink and Lilly white skin pigmentation, may need additional, alleged vitamin niacin, or as D to process calcium. Although, Africoids – Negroids, are quite different in their vital needs than Caucasian Caucasoids. And this means what’s good for one, may be bad for the other one!!

SUNGOD’s serenely sublime sunshine, is our only friend first and foremost of any others. And nobody having healthy melanination, natural, native blackish, bluish, brownish skin color complexions, want to do anything to (cosmically) cut themselves off. Yes, foolishly allowing Eurocentric experts, to impose their ill-wills upon those us who are to remain Africancentric.

Wisely avoiding causing ourselves grave harm, injury and damages. Consequently clogging up the cosmic channels of conscious + conscience communication between Holy Heaven & Earth, ourselves and our Cosmic CREATOR!!!!

Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR= My True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blog +Son of SUNGOD Avenger AmeriAfindian ArtistCHD Ascendant Ancient Africa’s Ancestry+Artistry + LoveGoddess Mother Matriarch Madam Maat x ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts Amen-Ra. pt1

10.  “Personally I pray to YAH in the name of your son YAHSHUA” “The name of Jesus is a 400 year old name approximately, because the English language never had the letter “J” till then. This is very important, because it says in the Bible by one name only shall you be saved. So it becomes frightfully important. Because it is a recent name not known by THE ALMIGHTY. In fact the Original King James Bible had the name Iesus inside. This is also a historical record of the fact the name Jesus is a very modern name in terms of history.”

“Joshua Christus”? the original Black Jesus male‘s name, later turned white male by the commissioned Caucasian Caucasoid artist Michael Angelo. Portraying the Greek Serapis male image as “Jesus Christ”. And as y’all look closely at the statue-sculptured man, he has very distinctive African Africoid facial figures, biology and physiology. His artistic attributes as a Black Solar Sexus Soul Brother is unmistakable. Reflecting my own look alike male person being too = Mastermind Melanin Messiahs!!!

Dutifully NOTE: Y’all are being offered a Crystal Clear Vision that’s cultured clean, real and live! Realities whether or not one knows it or not, regardless if a person is never made aware of them, these Ethereal energies as artistic entities exists!

The Control of the Afrikan Mind – Dr. Leonard Jeffries – pt. 6

Pt 2.

Soundly, Sensibly, Sanely Shifting: Gears away from these Europeanized expressions, into what I HAVE invented and initiated to be a more meaningful method; Spiritics vs. Politics = Spiriticians as opposed to politicians. Spiritical instead of being political. Basically because, the Caucasian Caucasoidized causes are unclean, uncultured, criminalizing and crazy. They constitutes corporatist colonialist capitalist corruptions. Certainly common senses should show us these truths to be self-evident; that politicians, political pundits, are proven poisons, prolific pollutions and pervasive perversions!!

However, I can understand why some of our leaderships still use certain English wordings, hand me down language and terms. Albeit, better beneficially blessed by being creative and inventive. Artfully applying our innate-inborn instinctive-intuition. Adding Deified dimensions to the domains of definitions!

“Relate (s) the inner to the outer through the symbols.” I’m talking all about sacred Spiritious Symbols, Secure Safe Secrets. AmeriAfrindianized = Afrindianized vs. Europeanized!! Theirs ‘de-sacrelizes’ or removes our sacredness and spiritiousness. ‘Desacrelization’; it serves to set up the modes of being or becoming an object, of their untrue version of “literate”. And in this sense we are not referring to what is today’s literary learning to acquire sound minded knowledge. No, this is not what She is describing. So y’all listen up closely, as the Queen speaks eloquently for her owned self; Ms Marimba Ani Doctorate. RBG -YURUGU Workshop 12 of 19- Dr Marimba Ani doctorate “Rationalism as they projects it, reduces spirit to matter.”


NOTING: that Europeanized Racist Religions sucks Spiritiousness or Spirituality out of their subjected victims of Africa’s ascendance! Draning these nonwhite racial-ethnic groups of their cultured cleanliness, righteousness, healthfulness and holistic happiness. Converting them into perverted objects that after finished using, ‘are thrown inside the ash cans of history’!  Being only trailer trash, discarded after expediently exploided. Employed prejudicially, to racially discriminate against others who look unlike themselves! 

Fortunately:  And our good bio-seed genotype trait Whites, rare-rich-royal ten to twelve percent saved and redeemed, are to wisely join the re-Africanized Americas. No longer allowing themselves to become or be only OBJECTS!

Be correctly taught some true World History by an authentic, authorized artistry. Expressly learning lessons instructed by “Autodidact” Artist Anthony Tony Browder and his key information, collected data and right kind of educating our public people populations!!! http://kemet

“Lies That Won’t Go Away
Three Falsehoods in the National Geographic “Black Pharaohs” article By Anthony T. Browder.”
“Without an understanding of historiography (the history of researching and writing history) one can be easily mislead and conditioned to embrace unreasonable falsehoods as fundamental truths. History has clearly demonstrated that when falsehoods are repeated with conviction by “experts,” and popularized by the media (principally print, TV and film), an unsuspecting public will be incapable of recognizing truth when it is presented to them. When accustomed to being fed a steady diet of falsehoods this mentally malnourished population will become incapable or unwilling to consider opposing viewpoints which they have been conditioned to find impalatable.”

African Origins Of Christianity – Part 1 – Anthony Browder

And y’all keep on reading with long winded breaths, as more of these truths are revealed herein my True-Up U-turn Story Book Bible Blogs.  Smile ‘n lovin’ faith always.

Yawls remember to dutifully cast NOTES vs. Votes. And know for sure that each and everyone of those American citizens, who persist or insist on playing party politics, at this critically crucial jointure and present period of time,  are seriously spellbound and dumbfounded too. Because all political platforms are religions of racism,; in and of themselves. People have been taught to worship their electoral candidates as superstars, rock stars, Hollywood stars. Idolatry in hero worshipping politicians who claim to be their saviors and redeemers of righteousness. With their campaign organizers = objects, telling citizens to get registered to vote into public office reform policies, to fix the unfixable sinister, sick Satanic System!

YES: Far too many members, mutants included, try to use these racist, radicalized religions to hide their hate of self and of others behind. It constitutes cowardice and or equals = laziness, slothfulness, thoughtlessness, and unrighteousness!!

Basically because WE’s & US’s are to be living in a frame work, network, and artwork of LOVE GODDESS Mother Matriarch Madam Maat. And this entails a direct responsibility, to help heal and even save the whole of Her earthly humanity. And only originating Africoid Africans as Africa’s Ascendants; has the creative capacity to do this feat. The singular Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls, Spiritized, shall surely send salvation, all around our GlobalWorldNations!!!

Let my people of color complexions go free from all religiosity, and live long and happy and healthy healed human beings. OR ELSE: face finalizing fatality, death, demise, devil damned destruction, desolation and deliberated desecration; Divinely Decreed!!

Dr. Marimba Ani – Afrikan Rebirth part 2 of 2

PATRIARCHAL PATHOLOGY & PSYCHOPATHY: As a dire consequence, current compelling circumstances continue to keep Europeanized-Christianized Blacks as African Americans, from faithfully doing this:  “We Shall Overcome Some Day”. It simply just isn’t going to ever happen, as long as they cling to falsified religions, which have replaced their naturalized Spiritual states of being humans of Africa’s ancient ancestral ascendance!!! Equals = Spiritiousness vs. Religiousness!! My True-Up U-Turn Realivision vs Religion!!

With the latter religious being a mutation of madness, a demonic descendent, racially receding, rescinding, recessive, regressive, repressive of LOVE GODDESS Mother Matriarch Madam MAAT!!!

Although, they, keep on attempting to vote some civilized human rights into life, it is being perpetually stupid, dumb, ignorant, for intellectually intelligent human beings, by now, to keep on having colorblind faith and belief in a dying and or dead voters election apparatus. Over 40 years now with full civil rights, and fools can’t seem to see how that they are the primary, principal problems, for participating in an innately corrupt capitalist corporatist conception. Direly demon-ocratic of a left sided brain European origin vs both balanced brain sides as an ancient ancestral African artistry.  A minority losers and a majority winners, blatantly bad ballet box vote instead of a worthy NOTE.

REPTILIAN RACIST RELIGIONS: False European versions of Christianity, were forced upon humanity, inquisitions, imposed upon Africa’s Africoid + Negroid + Humanoids_ of the natural-native indigenous inhabitants of z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, z-Brownxz people of dark shaded tone-tanned human beings. Those of Melanated pigmented skin color complexions!!!

Furthermore, some of this truthful historicity is well written and revealed herein my True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs. Along with the writers of worldly wisdom, academia, archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, theologians and scientists. Documenting their studies and findings in their journals and authored texts. “Jesus” who is supposed to be the alleged legendary CHRIST = HORUS never truly existed as a real-live human being. This concept was stolen, taken, borrowed from our mythical allegory stories, sacred scripts and scrolls. Plagiarized, copycat rewritten from artistic cave paintings, symbols, drawings, and carved out into stones. Ancient Ancestral Africa’s Egypt = KEMET.  So you have to learn how to teach your own selves how to study in depth these specific subjects of historiography, to show your self to be approved appropriately by our Cosmic CREATOR.

Cross Cruxz Christ Horusheart Divinity 

CHRIST: As I have holistically defined the wealthy word to mean, equals = Cosmic Huemainheart Rises Spiritiously True. Inclusively, Color Hue Ray Infinite Spiritious Truth! Signifying C.H.R.I.S.T. Yes, it’s all about how We’s & Us’s choose to create the English wording to be and what it is meant!!

ChritsLikelyen vs. Christians: created by the original AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD. Asolutely Spiritious vs. Religious. Africans in America were innately-intrinsically inborn with a SPIRITUALITY, and absolutely not conceived with a man made manufactured religion. That is Europe’s insanity and inhumanity. Capitalist Corruption of the Roman Catholic Church concocted colonialism and criminality = invidious, insidious Institutionalized Racism. The renegade rouge Reptilian Race, dispirited chemical creatures, enemy energy entities, controlling, dominating the mindsets of their Vatican Popes, pedophile priests, bishops of bogus bull craps. There are no man person beings as “God” only obvious radiant rays of energies all around our Global World Nations, in the heavenly skies shining serene solitary SUNGOD of the Cosmic CREATOR of the entire universe!!!

Son of SUNGOD solemnly says soundly, sensibly, sanely seek Love Peace & Harmony: Meanwhile, to all crazy commenting tong twisted trolling trailer trash, prejudice pink people and bias whites hear these truths: you klannish mobs of uncivilized filty idiotic ignoramuses, who think that by posting insulting comments, discourteous and unruly racist replies, attempting to degrade and discredit what I’ve written, are failures and losers. And until you do your homework, reading and writing and arithmetic, don’t waste any of your precious time trying to psycho-analyze me, and think that you are some qualified or trained psychologist or psychiatrist. Keep your psychotic negative nasty nose name calling cowardice whip cracker honky dory devils ideology and satanic personal attacks and demonic disrespectful verbal assaults to yourself.  Because, you are apparently dying off planetary sphere earth, today, going into elimination, extermination, extinction as meaningless member MUTANTS!!!

All rule violators of common courtesy and common decency with their trashy trolling tongs: Go straight to Hades Hell Fires, with ya mamma and daddy and grandparents too! And anybody associated, affiliated with your unholy, ungodly bad-seed genotype traits. CKNWCA is absolutely not for you, nor your pleasure or enjoyment. So lets be quite clear on this: I mean the indecent, indignant; 88% to 90% Divinely decreed devil damned wicked whites, with their one sided hemisphere, lopsided left brain thinking selves of mental imbalance; and Caucasian Caucasoid calcified Pineal Gland Melanin generating hormone. Instead of being both brain thinking human beings bio-balanced by the left and right sides synchronistical and simultaneously Spiritualized, as We’s & Us’s Americanized African Africoids. [potentially are]

And StopPointBlankPeriod, being religious racists, stupid fools, dumb aces, and_ idiotic ignoramuses!!! And all decent good bio-seed Whites who do have the capacity for higher intellectual intelligence, and can comprehend what I’m saying, are now being divinely decreed better beneficially blessed, instead of devilishly damned. So sanely, sensibly, soundly Smile ‘n lovin’ faith always, with a happy healthy holistic healing humor yawls. (The above 3 paragraphs were YAHOO blog posts.)


YES RIGHTEOUS REVELATIONS: Eurocentric White people’s populations; overall and in general, are no longer needed now that these tissue terrorists telling untruths, have concocted criminal Caucasian Caucasoid creatures, out of or into negative Negroid black bandits. This is why we see these European Austerity measures being imposed upon the citizenries of Greece and other places on that continent. Plus + why we are now witnessing the total wipe out of so called middle class and upper class citizenries of the Americas. The ruling elites super societies have invested and spent billions of dollars for formulating foundational UNCLETOMISM – SAMBOISM – SELFHATISM!!!

Therefore their Europeanized, scary spooky-ghostly “pale faces”; physical features, are antagonistic, adverse, producing perverse political problems. They can not be flooded into foreign countries and sovereign nations anymore today, and they are far too easily seen by militant revolutionaries, and liberators who want White wicked witchcrafts completely out of their nations.

So then, I reveal to y’all, how that those in charge, in controls and attempting to dominate the whole wide world, and seize global power, has put on a Blackface. A surreptitious disguise, esoteric secret society, yet appearing to be Africans, pigmented people of darker melaninated skin color complexions. An affront!

Black Jackass Uncle Tom demons: Basically by bribing, brainwashing and duping dummies, into doing their adversarial alien agent actions, “axis of evil” energy entities “enemy combatants”! Fully financing their arms and armors, funding military machine might, to invade their neighbors, and raid their countrymen and countrywomen, attacking their cultures, homes, schools, and business bases!

Yes, the muli-trillion dollar debts, nationally and internationally, is an Acquired Immune Deficiency Defect Dysfunction. Devil damnation of the White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes X Sorcerers Sinister Snake Serpent System SATAN!!!

OCCUPYNEERS CyberSpaceAge 21st Century COLOR KINGDOM NWCA records-reveals-reports“Occupy” Forced Evictions, Hateful, Violent Raider Racist Renegade Rouge Riot REPTILIAN police forces-cruel city cops cracking down on all camp sites, parks, plazas across USA.

 Ashra Kwesi Explains the African Origin of Noah’s Ark and Other Biblical Stories – Kemet (Egypt)

Ashra Kwesi: Africans are enslaved by European Religions

Redeemed, Delivered Decent White youths are to listen up closely and pay attention to  learn these truths: “There’s only ONE Human Race” And everybody else are “genetic mutations” of the originating (Albino Africoid) -Negroid-Hetero-Humaniod -Homo Sapiens Species Science Specifics. Three point one million years old African Black woman. Yes 3.1. found in Cush which was ancient Ethiopia, Africa.

Yet the New King James Version Bible keeps being changed, grossly distorted, by taking African countries our and placing them else where, such as The Caucasus Mountains of White people as Caucasus Caucasoids. This is a deliberate theft, robbery and rape of our true historicity by psychopathic racist White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!!!

“Joshua Christus” the original Black Jesus male‘s name, later turned white male by the commissioned Caucasian Caucasoid artist Michael Angelo. Portraying the Greek Serapis male image as “Jesus Christ”. And as y’all look closely at the (film strip) statue-sculptured man, he has very distinctive African Africoid facial figures, biology and physiology. His artistic attributes as a Black Solar Sexus Soul Brother is unmistakable. Reflecting my own look alike male person being too = Sons of SUNGOD!



Absolutely Nobody Is Above Or Beyond


 COLOR KINGDOM New World Creatives Atts 

 There are no equals = parallels nor hierarchies!!!

Pyramidal Panorama Phenomena!!! 

1. SACRED SPIRITIOUS REVELATIONS: And y’all can crystal clearly see how that an Avenger A+ Son of SUNGOD The Original Creative AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD=CHRIST HorusHeartDIVINITY* qualifies himself, To Love Thy Self, + To “Know Thy Self”; subjectively vs objectively, by doing these truest things in actuality, as in reality!!!

Meaning that mythical yet now manifested Horus overcomes, defeats, neutralizes Seth. Reinstalling, Reinstating, Restoring + Resurrecting Reciprosity x Reconciliation, Righteousness = LOVE GODDESS Madam Matriarch Mother MAAT = Her Dynamic Equilibrium Biological Balance!! 100%+ Ancient Ancestral Africoid Africa’s Avenging Authentic Authorized Ascendant of Egypt = KEMET!! 

KEMETEERS = Kemet as of Kemeticians, Kemetology __“The indigenous name for Egypt is Kemet, a word that is translated from medu netcher (hieroglyphics) which literally means, “the city, town or country of the blacks” and not the “black soil” as traditional Egyptologists maintain.”

Ancient Ancestral Africoid Africa Egypt = Kemet: Is exactly the place, location, time period and the African indigenous inhabitants. And this is My True-Up U-Turn total truth told, clarifying and rectifying certain important facts and realities. That the Obelisks, are authentic artworks of z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, z-Brownxz melaninated members. In spite of the deficient and anemic definitions given herein, the Europeanized versions, that are based on not mentioning our truest historicity. And internationally leaves out key information, that misleads the unaware readers to think wrongly and believe falsely that; somehow, Egypt is not in continental and geographic map location of Africoid Africa. This is a widespread practice and flagrant pattern of; invidious, insidious Institutionalized Racism!!!

AVENGER ARTISTRY here today right now presently with wealth, rare-rich-royalty; The Power & The Crown of Glory, Forevermore Everlasting Leading Love Life Light Locks + Masculinity’s x Feminity’s Solar Sexus Soul. Amen = Amon!!

Ashra Kwesi Explains African Spiritual Concepts at the Temple of Aset (Isis) #2- Kemet (Egypt)

Son of SUNGOD AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, Avenger Ascendant of Ancient Africoid Africa’s Ancestry = aesthetic, authorized, actualized Artistry. Command Commission Calling Cause, Inspirited by the Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR!

Frederick Douglass said: “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will.”

Anthony T. Browder says: “It is within this context that African Americans must examine the African Centered (or Afrocentric) Movement, independent of European American oversight. The African Centered Movement has one primary objective: to rescue and reconstruct the history, culture, science, philosophy, psychology, religion, literature and economics of African people (worldwide), and to view our experiences through our own eyes. But we must be fully aware that such acts of self-determination will be met with resistance by those who profit from the perpetuation of historical falsehoods masquerading as academic truths.”

Fortunately now today these talented, open minded, anti-racism, young White males and females, teenage boys and girls, can courageously learn their truest historical lessons from the Mastermind Melanin Messiahs as their total truth telling Mental Models. Yes, i do indeed mean our Optimized OCCUPYNEERS: Ojective 21 Century CyberSpaceAge!

To Love Thy Self. = self-Africanization vs Europeanization. And self-realization, self-actualization, self-knowledge, self-sufficiency, self-preservation, self-determination, self-education, self-teaching-learning, and ultimately self-survival!

Our Occypyneers Optical Optimal Optional Objectives. At astronomical speeds moving exceedingly fast. Traveling talents through the SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM = SYSTREAM!!!

AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = CHRIST+HorusHeart+DeityDivine Quarinity4 Indwelling ChristLikelyen vs Christian!! pt1

DIVEST Your Self of all RELIGIOUS POLITICAL INDIFFERENCE-APATHY & COMPLACENCY: In the face of the Media’s mass murders, manufactured myths, man made mean madness = MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses”!! + Pathogens + PSYCHOGON!!!

Bravely and boldly break out of the Skinner’s Box, free yourselves from financical failures and fatalities, by beng whosoever, you choose to be. Meaning exercising full Freedom of Artistic Expressions. Letting yourself no longer be concerned or worried about what somebody else might say, think or believe. Because only you can truly “Know Thy Self”!

YES: What I direct y’all to do is patiently read the blog posts, revealing exactly what happened in 2011, and shall surely keep on happening in 2012, to religious political people who continue to play party politics. Which is anti-humanity, anti-health, anti-happiness, anti-healing. And see precisely what hit them hard as Heavens Holy Hades Hell Fires!!!

Certainly we all make our decisions, choices and so shall The Powerful Forces of the Ether that Be, Divinely Decree and Decisively Deliberate the Declaration Days of Justice Judgment under HueMainLaw!!!

Therefore, stand tall and strong in the powerful might of your Cosmic CREATOR, Lord & Savior & Server! Put on the whole armor of Mother Matriarch Madam MATT’s righteousness, reciprocity, restorations, reformation, retribution, retribution and resurrection. ‘This is not all about Male & Female’, butt better beneficially blessed, being ‘internalized FEMININE + externalized MASCULINE energy entities.’ As far as the sex-genders are involved herein; She and He are both meant to be compatible with each other, compassionate towards one another.  Not necessarily as equals in a religious political civil system, yet in an actualized Dynamic Equilibrium Bio-Balance!!

In organizational-operational order to withstand wild weather wrath of worshipping wealthy womanhood’s witty wisdom. Via The Awesome Forces of Mother Africa Earth’s Divinely Sublime Nature!!!

The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature + Hurricane COLOR KINGDOM COME = Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ancient Africoid Africa Ancestry + Authenthical Anointed Appointed Artistry!!! pt1


Mascular + FemularMasculinear + Femininear…Equals = Molecular, linear states of being eco-electron entity energies. Propelled, propagated profusely by powered positive protons and potent photons. Charged currencies, composed compatibly, to create charges that are negative neutral, not good nor bad, not left or right. Not male or female, feminine or masculine. Butt an all and in all inclusive, constituted, compact, compressed, crystal clear carbon core centered consolidation. Solidarity = Soulidarity unified in dynamic equalized-equilibrium physiological + biological balance!! [Solar Sexus Souls] = MasMoleFemiNeuclear or MMFN!!!

There’s a sender = server… then a middle ground leveling areas that neutralizes, then transforms, transfix, transfigures the SUNGOD’S prismatic spectral hues of the electromagnetic field of the ColorComPlexTrix.

Allowing the energies to pass by traveling through to the Receiver – receptionist planetary sphere Mother Nature Earth. And She, is impregnated with His Spiritualizing Source, Her GODSUN’s seeds, energized entity emotions: Love1Sex2Romance3. Planted living sapiens species scientific specific specimens upon Her VegePlanTerRain.

YES, We’s & Us’s can control the immediate environmental conditions, currencies circulation over our heads and near surroundings. Weather wizards so to speak humorously. As an individual who is cosmically connected to their Creator’s currents coming or traveling through paved patterned pathways = wavelengths x vibration frequencies!!!!

Dr. Jewel Pookrum’s “The Melanology Show” – Melanin and You (Part 2)

HERE: She rattles off about the many multiple potential possibilities of a person or individual being able to heal and cure themselves. And this is my Kinky King Kind of heart warming and heated type talk. Who knows what one can do who truly believes and or knows in themselves? TO LOVE THY SELF!

In addition to her medical and clinical beliefs, she says how that some Eurocentric mindsets and some self-significant others, have called her nasty names, insulting language, and wanted her ‘tar and feathered”. And I can imagine how she scared them with her health talks too! Yet she warns them all to move the hell out of the way, with their negative closed minds that don’t really know very much about anything. Especially ignorant about Mother Earth Nature’s living bodily organisms, and Her healing methods.

YES: I can comprehend how she feels being demeaned, denigrated and dishonored and disrespected for expressing herself openly and honestly.

Therefore, what I have done is composed a few short paragraphs, shooting righteously back at these hateful wicked white whip “Crackers” and their terrorist “Honky Ideology”! Uncle Toms too! I fire straight back at their brains and hearts to take them totally out; and off of the surface of the planetary sphere earth!

As I’ve weaponized my Spiritious Melanination militaristically, meaning to return the hate back to the senders strategically. Divinely decreeing devil damnation and curses against them and their loves ones, mammas, and daddies, grandparents, and anybody else closely associated with them. And this it how Spiritualized powers and forces work well with wisdom’s know how = knowledge artfully applied!!! By being a real-live-visionary Warrior + Victor!!

Howsoever, Dr. Jewel Pookrum made major mistakes in her discourse, about an alleged; “HIV Virus”. And how they, the scientists she studied, or read about, put it on a laboratory test slab, tube or dish of some type.

OK y’all: here’s my take on this medical subject: First of all the alleged “HIV” has never been seen in order to have been isolated, to establish its real or true existence! And there has been absolutely no trustworthy scientific documentation, clearly and concisely showing samples as solid ironclad proof! Only what the major mainstream media medical madness, funded by the United States Federal Government and their agents: CDC and FDA, dictates as being true. Yet based on their fraud in fact lies of leading liars!

Secondly, when she says the word virus added to “HIV”, it shows she has not in fact studied the truth telling medical journals by Dr. Peter Duesberg and over 200 other top-leading bio-scientists. And only a lack of truer knowledge about these very important clinical issues and tissue treatments, allows her and other news reporters, to call it twice what it is defined to mean in and of itself. Human Immunodeficiency Virus = “HIV”. So why on planet earth do she still add the word virus to it? That is exactly what the V stands for!

Now today I have discovered that this smart and educated Black female physician, means well and has helped heal herself of lung or breast cancer. Butt, a better benefit blessing to hospital patients, is to never cause them to believe in these “Virus Myths”.

Fear mongering trash science too! For full story information, y’all read my posted blogs: and listen to my mp3 digital musical theme songs, instrumentals + verbals parts, performance plays: HIV vs AIDS!!

Dr. Jewel Pookrum Melanin Part 6.flvg

Wear the vest of vengeance, counter-forcing their viciously viral violence, as your Rock Offense + Stone Defense!! Because earth bound humanity is under Arch Angel Adversary attacks, alien agents antagonist assaults. Wicked witchcraft warfare! Active Armageddon‘s Prophetic Holy World War 3, occurring occults, occupations of mass military machine might, menacing madness, misfits, manufactured man made myths. Staging strategically “World War 4” according to the intelligent intellectual genesis genius, Junious Ricardo Stanton, Digital Underground, Mastermind Messiah Melanin Media Man!

Dispiriting wickedness whirling in heavenly high places, enemy energy entity emotions as living beings that are tissue terrorists, thieves, thugs of torment and torture. Traveling through thunder and lightening, untruth telling, treachery, tricks, and treason and all artless forms of tong twisted trolling trailer trash. Meaning poor mindsets, impoverished membranes, upper-middle-lower class citizenries, all alike of dislikes. Gluttonous, greedy, takers and refusing to sincerely give, and honestly share fairly and equably with others of the diverse physically appearing HUEMAINKIND “RACE”!!!

‘Study truthfully to show yourself appropriately approved unto the Cosmic CREATOR’. And listen up: “The Control of the Afrikan Mind – Dr. Leonard Jeffries – pt.1”


YES Look & See Visually & Spiritually with your own eye of wisdom: Because it is the so called citizens of societies worldwide who are permitting, or allowing their governmental elected-appointed officials ruin and destroy wholesome and healthy life art forms here upon planetary sphere earth.

SEE SPIRITIOUSLY ‘n Full Focus: Therefore it is the overall and in general aggregate citizenry that as a mandated must be made to suffer the Divinely Decreedani-shakycam-colorking.gif Devil Damned dire consequences, for their lack of taking self-loving, concerned, caring cause of avenging actions.

And are actually paying the punishing, punitive prices of pitiful alibis and sorry excuses. For refusing to assume responsibility and accountability for their personal and individual and collective body of shortcomings. In particularly, the destructive damages delivered due to their resgistering to vote in elections campaigns, for or against, the poisonous, polluted politicians. Playing party politics with Human Rights; wrongly classified or called Civil Rights. As the multitudes decided to be and remain unwisely patriotic to the polluted poisons of publicized political propaganda!

Spiritualization vs. Religionization = Spiritualizing vs. Religionizing!! We’s & Us’s create our own independent English words, and construct creative meanings and unique dictionary definitions, divinely decreed deliberated, according to our personal and private and collective choices. And into the flaming hot hellish heat for any uncivilized, Europeanized, Christianized criminal CaucAsian Caucasoids, confusion, conflicts, chaos and capitalist-corporatist corruption. Specifically those wicked witchcraft whites, who wish to try and attack, assault and or verbally insult our Africanism, Afrindianism, AmeriAfrindianism!!!

Therefore this Sublimely Inspirited commissioned calling cause of appointed, anointed action or artistry, is to activate the dormant underground grassroots seeds of potentially progressive positive productive possibilities!? So that the solitary sown seedlings germinate, sprout upwards, outwards and forwards. Yes prolifically forthcoming into being bolder and braver than before, forevermore!

And intelligently initiate our SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT; Cleaning up our own cheap shot trash-underhanded filthy, racist religious political acts and devilish dirty deeds for self-empowered improvement!!!

Leo is the Creative Ruler of the Universe” The Son of SUNGOD VegeLeoAugustan AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = Christ-HorusheartDivinity!! Who are you?

To Love Thy Self Spiritious Solar Sexus Soulfood: Graciously this is a gifted green gardening experience, growing and developing one’s own fresh vegatables, fruits, berries, seeds and nuts. Truly returning to our ancient Africoid Africa’s ancestries and artistries. And this cooperative collective citizens crop cultivation; is the commision calling cause of today. Through which is a decontaminating-cleansing of current corrupting circumtances. And can only be done and accomplished successfully, by our own ingenuity, efforts, and intentions. No flukes, accidents, coincidence nor happenstances!!! AmeriAfrindianized + Afrindianized + Africanized + Africoidized VegePlanTerRain vs Vegetarian-vegan Europeanized – Caucasoidized!!

PURIFYING THE BLOOD WITH CHLOROPHYLL: Yes I’m actually drinking my owned homegrown greens, lemon, that were mixed in a blender, leaf and fiber fresh, raw and ‘live… most assuredly’!

YES: ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Avatar Avenger is also The VegePlainTerRain LeoAugustan. Who don’t attempt to try and intellectualize on what wholesome foods are to other individual ‘per-suns’. Butt, believe my telling y’all that I’ve learned a lot of something about my owned living human body organism. And that during the darker or less sunlight seasons of fall and winter, I eat more meat proteins and pure saturated fat in my daily diet.

Spiritiously, Intuitively + Instinctively: dieting according to my personalized needs, not based on “race” nor ethnicity which might have adverse political and racist religious beliefs behind it. MENTAL VIRONS = “Mind Viruses”!! 

For instances, knowing that I have a high concentration of the hormonal substance Melanin, inside my cell membranes, then, this tells my time clock and bio-rhythm mechanism to eat some things to generate more heat. During these cooler, colder climate conditions, this means meat, which comes with fats. And my body’s temperature is warmed naturally, increased accordingly, to the outside weather and degrees, etc.

Although, this is absolutely never the western world’s white wicked witchcrafts, excessive processed – refined carbohydrates that are fattening foods. And I know how that these are the deadly dietary dishes for dinner, supper, and for breakfast. They are the cancer causing Caucasian Caucasoid criminal chemical concoctions!

Butt, better beneficially blessed, for my owned self, is real-raw-rare-rich-royal fat, as in pure butter, lard that is not adulterated by mankind’s madness and manufacturing methods. Real sea salt and raw sugar in small amounts. . Only cleansed culinary cooking as a scientific and spiritualized artistic formulation.

Moreover, as the warmer seasons of Spring and hotter Summer weather arrives, I have considerably cut back on my consumption of fats, essential fatty acids included, such as in vegetable oils as Omega-6-9 and Omega-3 in fish or seafood. And these shifting cycles are occurring consciously, cognizant, with purposeful awareness of my customized needs. Comprehending that one shoe size simply just don’t fit all feet!

Therefore, this means that I eat plenty of my owned homegrown vegetables straight out of my green thumb garden. Some times cooking them and other occasions, eating them “live” and or putting them inside a blender, and drinking the liquid juices + fibers as a fluid food. Realized-Spiritualized SOULFOOD!

And this healthy habit, keeps my body temperature at a comfortable feeling degrees. Which in turn allows me to stand very hot days, directly outside in the sunshine. Without overheating and having sun-strokes or dizzy spells, fainting and blackouts. The sunlight actually feels good to my Afrindian skin, and warms my body, and Melaninated Spirit!

Further still, according to my research studies, the so called hottentots of central Africa, migrated outside the hot-heated continental zones, centuries ago, and adjusted their diets to the existing climatic conditions, using common sensibilities. And they ate large sums of animal fats, from fish, seals, whales, of that geographical location. And interestingly enough, these people still are the darkest toned Blackxz, Bluexz, Brownxz humankind beings one can ever look at and see today. Never changing their superficial skin coloration; throughout the millennia.  Far before the arrivals of the yellow ochre Asiatic mutant mongoloid member migrants. They are identified a Africoid Eskimos = Native-naturalized Indian indigenous inhabitants of Alaska!

Y’ALL respectfully cast NOTES: That it is a misnomer and untruth to think, believe and or teach that the CaucAsian Caucasoid creations has been living here upon planet earth for millions of years. And in addition to this tall tale, they had the time to adjust to eating dairy products, drinking milk coming from various animals, as cows, goats, etc.

Butt, y’all as a mandatory must do, is test and try everything which everybody tell you. Listen up closely, calmly and compassionately with a caring and concerned kindhearted spirit and mind. However, beware of good intentions!

Also record this True-Up U-Turn information in your memory banks, brain’s computer program files for future and further references. That according to Dr. Anta Cheihk Diop, the muli-genius African Africoid man, talented scientist, historian, linguist; reveals and reports that the Caucasoid Caucasians of the Caucasus Cave mountain ranges, came into being only approx. 20, 000 years ago. And therefore, this do not in any number equals millions of years or millennia!

Although, Africoid Africans are the sole ones who had to adjust, adapt and adopt new world ways of wisdom to survive and thrive. Inside the other environmental areas that We’s & Us’s migrated. Settled in different climatic conditions, and over about 3.5 million of years, made dietary transitions, systemic changes in the food stuffs we ate, and our bodily systems learned how to assimilate, digest and absorb the vital nutrients and wholesome nourishment accordingly.

Even by being exposed to various toxins, also, in time built up a resistance against the human bodily being or becoming poisoned to death. General sicknesses are parts and parcels toward true healing and eventually a healthier lifestyle.

Further still, might African American Blackxz, take into consideration, that these so called Caucasoid Caucasians, came back inside, into the biological, physiological genetic structure. Reentering through, racial-ethnic mixing, mingling, mating and marrying members who were Negroid. Inter-breeding, hybrids, crossbreeding!

So then whatsoever, goodness or badness, evilness or wickedness, the Europeanized Whites, acquired in glacier ice-isolation for about twenty thousand years, we inherited the traits today too!

Thereby allowing many of us to tolerate eating certain foods that are generally given unto others, inclusively, Caucasoids + Mongoloids. Asian & Oriental dietary dishes, we have adjusted, adopted and adapted to with great success. Due to the Africoid-Humanoids being the first ones living in Asia, Europe, China-Japan, else where upon planet earth, etc.

More or less, all other mutated members had to learn how to adjust and adapt to our eating habits. Not the other way around, as commonly thought of, preached and teached. And the truth tell us that we ate the available native fruits, berries, seeds, nuts, vegetables, birds, reptiles, insects, fish and animal meats that were there upon the lands of the fertile earth.  Common sense says so!

And it is a blatantly bogus lie, that these other cultures, culinary cuisines are detrimental to Africans health! Not necessarily!

INCORRECT: Another untruth being told is that as one cooks garden greens, until they are tender and soft, they are nothing butt “trash”; ‘no good to eat and should be thrown out into the garbage cans, etc.’ This is an unconscious or conscious, insult and indirect assault-attack upon our clean cultured culinary cooking arts as authentic Afrindian SOLAR SEXUS SOULFOOD.

WRONG: And it is also a misnomer, to say that the natural or native chlorophyll with it being akin to melanin and sunlight photosynthesis, is lost due to heat or cooking turnip-collard-mustard greens with meat. Basically because, anybody can test and try this out at home and see for themselves, that these dark green vegetables keeps and retains their deep green coloration, even under high heat, boiling in water! Plus boiling temperature do not in the least kill nor destroy Mother Nature’s cleansing chlorophyll! Period.

TERRORIST TISSUE TOXINS: Are the sickening substances satanizing African American Blacks, “Negroes” and “Colored People” and people of Melannated skin colorations. A “toxic reaction” interfering with the true function of their Pineal Gland melanin generator. And what I can crystal clear see, is that too many of us are consuming the wrong types of diets. And they are all Europeanized, Caucasian Caucasoid culinary cuisines, crops chemically grown, contaminated, and deficient in vita-nutrients.

Plus + political pollution poisons coupled with racist religiosity = fatal fattening adiposity. Coming inside the circulatory and respiratory and blood systems, through all channels such as: body-mind-heart-soul-spirit. Which equals one complete wholesomeness. Yet divided by Euro-Anglo-Americans, dietician diversionists and nutritionists as separatists!!

Dissecting holistic health and human healing: Segregating and separating parts into components, compelling competition against one another, with one being called bad and the other being called good. Like the doctors and nurses are taught and trained to think wrongly about an alleged: “good cholesterol and a bad cholesterol”. So this justifies in the Europeanized minds, to attack and assault what they deemed to be the inferior one and to advance the other one that they believe is the superior substances, subjects or objects. Inclusively, this psychotic mindset also lead towards killing, murdering, raiding, raping, robbing those human beings based on this very same separatist, satanist, Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndrome!

Definitively speaking: AIDS = Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and that truthfully means, it is absolutely not a disease nor a virus! Read and learn the total told truths:

FALSE: It is not designed or never meant for melaninated African Africoids to be eating meats and fats! Butt, it could be truer that an excess of eating meats and fats that has been manipulated by mankind, adulterated, and or made into some type of toxic tissues that that the animals were not intended, is what poses the greater problems with health factors.

Although, what I hear the Black female queen nutritionist – dietician claiming about Black females, African women and girls, not needing to be eating an “excess” amount of fats and meats, might be more truthful.

Due to meats having more proteins, perhaps, masculine hormonal substances, testosterone, (steroids), that could cause the females to become too aggressive. And in effect makes her more manly acting, as if she was him, which in turn makes the black males want to call them “hoes” and “bitches”! Black woman and men at odds with each other!! Separation and divorce rate realities running rampant!

She sounds like an undercover Europeanized Vegetarian -vegan; prejudiced against meat eaters.  Nevertheless her ideas and concepts about worms being inside meats, showing a sure shortcoming in her research studies and knowledge about plant life. Because basically all so call untreated, chemical concoction free foods grown or raised, carry parasites. Various virus harboring insects, that is nested inside the leaves and veins, stem cells of so called organic gardening crops. And these plants have millions, billions, trillions of worms as nematodes, predatory parasities and microscopic living bacteria and germs. Unless sterilized, sanitized though the hottest heat, or exposure to temperatures above the boiling point of 212 degrees fahrenheit!

Likewise this Black Queen physician goes on to profess, that this is why the African American men so often ‘goes up side her head, because she jumps up in his chest, as though she was a man…!’ This thought is very interesting, and most revealing, about what is potentially happening in the “Black Family” structure or internalized destruction?! Domestic disputes, arguments, fussing and fist fights, girlfriends and boyfriends, husbands and wives!!!

Albeit, beneficially better blessed, by being cleaned out daily. And in my personal case; what I do is take a laxative, such as milk of magnesia and or epson salt flush. To force all food products out of my bowls, intestinal tracks, colon, etc.  In the muscular manly midst of lifting moderate weights, strength training exercises, I eat ample meats. For proteins and amino-acids!

Butt, hurry up and eliminate their intoxicating effects and adverse affects. Especially flushing out the acidic meats and proteins; which my mind tells me stays far too long inside of my digestive system, turning into terrorizing tissue toxins!

CARDIOVASCULAR WORKOUTS: I jog often, and run faster frequently to keep my blood circulating. To replenish my cell membranes I sometimes take supplements; producing a bowel movement. Then after which, feces removal, I go outside and pick a hand full of fresh greens, alow vera, and put them inside my blender then drink the vitamin-mineral rich,  chlorophyll fortified juices. Thus, that further de-toxify my flesh and blood, body, bone and marrow!!! 

Ms Doctor-Physician is talking about how the white ran, owned-operation, medical and clinical system, is not serving the best health interest of African American Blacks. I totally agree 100%. And that the doctors and nurses are not taught nor trained properly to treat various health conditions of the unique Africoid patients. Especially here in the dis-United States of Anglo-America! True!

As an actualized analysis and synthesis of her incoming information, I have concluded that she makes a good guide for other females. Not men! In particularly, some “Black woman are so stubborn” as my oldest sister says, and are unlovable at times. Sister has been married to her husband Black man,  for about 42 years to date.

Maybe the incompatibility, is due to them; as females, doing things, thinking thoughts,  and or eating foods, which were meant for men to be doing and eating. Who knows?


BlackLibTV created a video on Black Liberation TV Black Liberation TV ; April 1 at 11:38am: Pastor Ray Haggins talks tough against the Bible teachings telling Africans in America as Blacks, that “God” cursed them. And he calls the Christina worshippers, ignorant Negroes, basically; “Stupid Ass Blacks”; “Dumb as Negroes!”  (D.A.) And I vehemently profess that they Evil Enemy Energy Entities!!!

Moreover, this story is a follow up on his trip overseas – across the oceans, to Ghanna, Africa. Going off into the old-age slave dungeons of devilish demise and demonic deaths of enslaved Negroids of z-Blackxz by ungodly, unholy, unmerciful wicked witchcraft westernized “Whites”! Better still, crazy CaucAsian Caucasoid criminal creatures!!

YES: These are the dire consequences for foolishly faith following, and wrongly worshipping what “Whites of wicked witchcrafts say and do, think religiously and believe politically. Assuming that what is written in these allegedly: Holy Bibles, is totally true and are the actual words of their man made, manufactured mythological “God”!!!

Which in turn let these terrorist Euro-Anglo-Americans, off of the hooks, out of their criminal Caucasus Caves of corruption. Because, as long as these idiotic ignoramus bible readers, use it to justify there own enslavement, WE’s & Us’s have an extremely serious and severe internalized personal problem. A poisoned and purposely polluted mentality and psychotic mindset! A sure sign of Self-hatred!.

Howsoever, the 10% to 12% Rare Rice Royal truths that are contained within the scriptural texts, stolen from our Ancient Africoid Ancestry; are to be carefully extracted; away from the fraud in fact lies of leading liars. Patiently, re-Africanized, and re-spiritualized thus solarized + soularized!! And this inversion requires an anointed, appointed, authentically authorized Artistry!!! Equals = Cosmically called, chosen, commissioned cause of climatic currency charged changes; composed consummately via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:

Pastor Ray Haggins slam dunks these Demon Blacks & Devil Whites, wicked witches, sinister sorcerers of the snake serpent SATAN. He says strongly that they don’t even had a soul, a spirit, and are absolutely “soulless”! Or else, they could or would have never treated another human being that cruel manners in which they do and still do!!! Then claming that the Bible said so, go into Ethiopia, Africa and commit criminal atrocities against Africoid humanity!

Although, today, I keep on hearing over talk radio shows, having hosts and guest, still trying to cling tightly to their traditional version so Christianity, Islamic Muslim mentalities. They are constantly coming online, interfacing with our struggles, and efforts to free our owned selves from oppression, repression, oppression. They are more than stuck on stupidity, they are also psychotic!! Insane and inhumane!!

They report all their college certificates, professional degrees, being a so called ordained minister, community consciousness, how they are fighting against inner-city violence and crime. And every other issue and terrorized tissue one can interface, embrace and closely associated themselves with. In a psychological poisoned mind, attempting to justify their RELIGIONS!!!

YES: Satanic forces takes on all skin color complexions, racial-ethnic groups, and converts itself into every conceivable concoction of criminality. Nevertheless, Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, has a Divinely Decreed Detector, as activated sensors, spirituous sensibilities, soundly and sanely sensitized. And can easily tell truth from error, fakers falsehoods from what is totally told truths. And automatically shifts and filters out all antagonistic alien agents and or adversarial arch angels. Absolutely none, nobody gets pass my mind’s sacred security systemic, Spirit Source Science System’s Sovereign Systream!

The Awesome Forces of Mother Earth’s Divine Nature + Hurricane COLOR KINGDOM COME = Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ancient Africoid Africa Ancestry + Authenthical Anointed Appointed Artistry!!!

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Black Liberation Radio, Pastor Ray Haggins’ The Truth Center Web site URL:



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