ChristLikelyens pt3

sisters, parents, and loved ones!! PERIOD.

My Revolutionary-Evolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form; CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!! Our chosen choice of WEAPON!!!

“Welcome to Black Liberation Radio
& Black Liberation TV”

http://www.colorkingdomnwca.comSon of SUNGOD = The Original Creative ArtistCHD + COLOR KINGDOM New World Creatives Arts pt1 

Son of SUNGOD pt2 +  Spn of SUNGOD pt3  _ + Son of SUNGOD pt4 – _ +

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Spirit Source Science System = Solar Sexus Souls-Sons of SUNGOD = ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascend Ancient Ancestral Africa

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Rock Offense Stone Defense = Spirit Source Science System = Solar Sexus Souls-Sons of SUNGOD = pt2

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Clean Cultured Cash Currencies = Spirit Source Science System pt3

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Explosive Exercised Essence Expansion = Spirit Source Science System = Solar Sexus Souls-Sons of SUNGOD =

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Hip Hip vs HipP + LapP CyberJazzBluesRapP = Spiritualized-Solarized-Romanticized Musical Songs Homemade pt5

Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs = Miracle Mystic Mind Money Magic + Cosmic Conscious Conscience CREATOR’S Occult Occurrences – Cognizant Clairvoyance ColorComplexTrix Currents = AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s Activated Ancient Ancestral Africa’s Actual Applied Awareness =$$$

LOVE GODDESS + Queens Current Color Complexions = Rare Rich Royalty + Pretty Pattern Princesses = Fine Fit Female Fashion Fabrics + Feminine Financial Fortune Finders = Wealth + Riche$

Sassy SashAss Sexy She Shitter-Shift-+Solar Sexus Soul Savior’s SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM = COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts

TO LOVE THY SELF AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascend Ancient Ancestral Africa = COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts

ArtistCHD = CHRIST+HEART+DEITY=DIVINITY Indwelling ChristLikelyen vs Christian!! pt1

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ChristLikelyen pt4

“THE VERDICT IS IN”; So let us comprehend and apprehend the reality of factual truth that this fictitious man name “Jesus” never truly existed, which means that he never spoke or said a single word written in the New Testament Bibles!

Further still, I must admit that some of the conceptual context writings or prose and poetry or poetic artistic expressions; are perfectly sound. Whosoever actually penned the scripts wrongly called Sacred Scriptures, did a wonderful job too!! And honestly didn’t need to tell so many myths plagiarized, copied and stolen from our Ancient Ancestral Authentic Authority AFRCIA!!!

Particularly taken from Ethiopia, KEMET’ later named Egypt, Nubia and many other greatly grand Black Negrindian Civilizations of African Ascendance.

Simply open link in new window and keep on reading blog. Ref.“The Verdict Is In” Master Mind Melanin Messiah Dr. Ray Haggins

CERTAINLY YES: Me-Myself I & AM in the SUNGOD Father + LOVEGODDESS Mother Nature Earth as a Unified One. And this means also The Quarinity Four4: The Father1, The Mother2, The Soul, The Holy Ghost Spirit4. Comprising a consummated art form of exceedingly rapid vibration frequencies of Eco Electron Energy Entity Emotions; Love-Sex-Romance!!!

Surely this defines what is meant by another Per-Sun, Hue-Main, is born; as a Soul Son in my personal case He-Him, or a Soul daughter in the case of She-Her. Of just simply single a New Born Baby Soul came into physical being-ness, human-ness; transiting-transfiguring-transforming into the now today physical body organism present. Coming seemingly from nowhere arriving at somewhere in the immediate existence.

Speaking form my personal private state of human being bodily-mentally-soulfully-spiritually, I created my own self Title-name-identity the Son of SUNGOD. Doing it divinely deliberated instead of dong it inflated ego liberated and is apposed to humbly moderated. And you can be whosoever or whatsoever is in your wishes and wants and desires too!!

Furthermore explained, no, why would I want to be liberated from my own physical-biological body; and still expect to be alive and well. Why just because others have popularized a saying, concept, idea or notion, I have to conform to their points of views, forsaking my very dearly loved ones? No, shall ArtistCHD no longer follow faithfully the colorblind believers because when the sightless-spiritless-soulless blind impose their leaderships; those trusting in them also fall into the dirty ditch of death.

Yes, let us stay connected, unified as a single one with our CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE COSMIC CREATOR. Might we stay strong in the Father & Mother and in the powers of their forces. Which constitutes constant inner energies living actively in HER BODY as everlasting Love Life Light!!!

INVERT = INVERSION = INIVERSE = INNNER VISION = REALIVISION = REAL-LIVE-VISION: Yes COlORKINGDOMISM is Heaven on planet earth. And it indwells and lives on the inside of Her physical body organism, of all life’s art forms; including, plants, creatures, animals, humans, reptiles, insects, bacteria and germs!!!!

Thereby giving those who look for their “God”; mandatory must in order to fine Him, it to search and seek the Creator Spirit Source from inside the SOLAR SEXUS SOUL. And this process is my definition to mean turning things inside-out; to their opposite and contrary positions, shifting direction in order, arrangement and or effect!

Moreover Inverted energies, instead of spending valued resource energies and time wasted trying to convert or change circumstances as they are existing, wrongfully-harmfully-awfully-badly-unhealthful so forth and so on. This physical + psychological coursed cause of action reverses- restores-rejuvenates radicalized realities, ridding themselves from destructive-detrimental Mental Viruses or “Mind Viruses”. That persisted in the artless forms of negative programming by harmful toxins, poisonous impositions or injurious interjections of falsehoods, untruths, as fraud in fact lies of liars!!!!

As I envision by In-Spirited insight the inversion is proportionate to the amount in mathematical numbers how much goes in comes back out. Just like the input-inverted intervals, harmonic chords-notes on a musical scale results in it corresponding or opposite output; plus in addition amplifying the frequencies sound waves, digital data.. Such Sublime Inspiration infuses me, thus as the decease of negative charged energies going outside the body art form, while the enlightening photon-positive charged energies are coming inside increasing. SoulFood fed internally or inwardly produces Soulful solutions outwardly.

Based also on the laws of physics which by deliberated design produces automatically the conversion of direct current into alternating current. This is climatic change that does its artworks behind the scenes via Infinite Intellectual Intelligence. Then I imagine multiplying myself millions of times over in digitalized dots-bits, bites, everywhere, everyplace omnipresent online over the Internet’s World Wide Web Weave Whole.

Live-Legends-Lead = AfriNegrindian Ascended ArtistCHD = CHRIST-HEART-DIVINITY = Indwelling God-Self within via CK-NWCA THE COMFORTER + Sons of SUNGOD Love-Life-Light

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ChristLikelyen pt5


Meaningfully defined as acting like and symbolically being truth and justice as our Originating Cosmic Creator IS. Thinking in terms that relates and realign our/my personal private thought impulse patterns with the Spirit Source Science System.


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